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Ironman I-604 Tires

Ironman I-604
Ironman Ironman Tires
Ironman Tires

Ironman I-604 is an all-season, commercial tire. This tire is designed to offer superior durability and extended tread life. It also provides exceptional traction in all weather conditions.

Performance rating out of 10:
  • Tread Life: 7.2
  • Performance on dry surface: 7.3
  • Performance on wet surface: 6.7
  • Snow/ winter performance: 6.4
  • Fuel Efficiency: 6.2
  • Noise: 7.2
  • Traction: 7.4
Best suited for: Commercial Trucks and Tractor-trailers.
Tire Features
  • Open shoulder tread design provides exceptional grip.
  • Aggressive lugs offer superior traction in all weather conditions.
  • Huge lugs ensure better surface contact.
  • Siping provides better traction on wet surfaces and protects from irregular wear.
  • Unique tread compound extends or shortens haul applications.

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