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Landspider Wildtraxx M/T Tires

Landspider Wildtraxx M/T
Landspider Landspider Tires Brand logo
Landspider Tires Brand logo

Landspider Wildtraxx M/T is a mud terrain tire designed for light trucks and SUV vehicles.

Tire features:

  • Bold and aggressive design with large tread blocks provide more contact area, and with the block-chain control system, it improves handling performance and provides an impressively quiet riding experience.
  • High angled center tread blocks enhance traction along with lateral stability.
  • New Tear-Resistant compound offers durability even in the most challenging muddy and rocky conditions.
  • Alternating convex and concave sipes with bionic claw-shaped design provide extra grip in mud and soft soil, while the thick sidewall shield protects the tire from sharp objects and impact.
  • Self-cleaning grooves help eliminate dirt and water effectively and reduce the possibility of stone retention and puncturing.
  • 3 layer reinforced carcass with stimulation optimization resist the impact, improves durability, and handling performance.

Best suited for: Pick-up trucks, SUVs.

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