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Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico Tires



Pirelli P Zero Asimmetrico
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Pirelli Tires

The P Zero Asimmetrico features an asymmetric tread design that has 3 distinct areas – the outer shoulder with wide tread blocks, the wide central rib and 3 longitudinal grooves with small tread elements. This tire offers precise control and handling, increased wet safety with its improved traction and grip. This also has improved stability when driving at high speeds. This is possible because of its active internal tire structure that is precise and quick on rolling stresses.

This tire boasts a consistent performance with its specialized tread compound that is resistant to high or low temperatures. This extraordinary handling feature heightens the quality of driving performance. With all of these features, you are sure of the product’s safety and stability at high speeds. This advances confidence while on the road because of your safety on slippery and wet driving conditions.

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