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Pirelli P Zero Corsa Tires



Pirelli P Zero Corsa
Pirelli Pirelli Tires
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The Pirelli P Zero Corsa is an ultra high performance summer tire with specific performance attributes for targeted high end luxury sedans and sports cars.

While the tread pattern and look of the tire appears to be identical across the range of sizes, the P Zero Corsa is a part of the cutting edge Corsa System of tire design.   The idea is that the attributes needed in tires for supercars, high performance sports cars and luxury sedans, are all slightly different according to the manufacturer and style.  For example, what works great on a rear wheel drive Ferrari, may not work optimally on a mid-engine all wheel drive Lamborgini.   Pirelli tires that carry the Corsa badge have been highly tuned for the vehicles they fit, and therefore you can expect the highest level of performance out of the tire/vehicle combination.

All the Pirelli Corsa tires are race inspired, so the  Pirelli P Zero Corsa tread design features a semi-slick, low void ratio and a large external shoulder structure with a minimum number of grooves to eliminate the blocky structure of a conventional pattern. The tire's internal structure includes highly flexible steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to enhance cornering stability and provide high-speed capability while reducing weight. These are features that make this tire excel on the track.

Pirelli's Corsa System approach of customizing the components and performance attributes of a tire to exactly match the intended fitment is one of the most cutting edge ideas in the tire industry, and a great choice for any driver that wants to preserve the highest levels of performance on their vehicle.

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