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Timberland Tires

Timberland Tires

Timberland Tires are made in the USA and were created thanks to the relationship of shared values between global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland, and tire manufacturer Omni United. Timberland Tires are designed for a new generation of drivers looking for performance, style and sustainability since when the tread wears out, the tires are recycled back into Timberland Boots!   Now you get a well-recognized brand, a tire that gets recycled responsibly, AND excellent quality tires. There is a Timberland Tire for long mileage highway use on your SUV or CUV, and a light truck all-terrain tire for mixed use on the highway, and off road.

In addition to getting long-lasting reliable tires that are responsibly recycled, you also get the added bonus of a 10% discount on Timberland Footwear and clothing for an entire year. All you have to do is register your tires on The Tires-Easy customer service department can help you with that, and ensure that you take advantage of this unique offer, from a special and unique tire company!

Tires-Easy is the most convenient way to buy tires at the lowest possible prices. Find your Timberland Tires today by entering your size, and filtering on Timberland in the Tire Selector box.

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