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Timberland A/T Tires

Timberland A/T
Timberland Timberland Tires
Timberland Tires

The Timberland A/T is made to get the job done by offering better traction in adverse conditions while handling heavy loads for the long haul. The Timberland A/T offers supreme durability and performance without giving up wet grip or dry traction.


The Timberland A/T tire is ideal for pick up truck and SUV drivers who like the badge value of TIMBERLAND on their tires, and excellent all-terrain traction and toughness. It has anti-stone ribs between the tread blocks that protect the tire from damage, as well as stabilizing tread bridges between the blocks for better handling on the highway.

The Timberland A/T is a perfect hybrid of highway ride and off-road traction, with a cool look and well recognized brand name .   As an added bonus, when the tread wears out, the tires are recycled back into Timberland Shoes! All you do is exchange them as normal when the tires are worn out, and Omni United and Timberland collect them and process them at special facilities around the US and Canada.

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