Tires-Easy Partners with Kevin Byrd and Willie B of Two Guys Garage!

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Kevin Byrd and Willie B of Two Guys Garage, the popular auto repair, and customizing show on MAVTV. Kevin and Willie will provide video tire reviews, tire how-to’s, and tire education spots to aid Tires-Easy customers in making informed tire purchases. With Kevin and Willie’s extensive knowledge and experience in the auto industry they will bring their unique advice and perspective to tire relate topics. You can look forward to us reviewing specific brands and styles of tires, answering common tire questions, tire safety and general knowledge to make you an more informed tire consumer.

Look forward to reviews of Cooper tires, including the Cooper STT Pro, Cooper Cobra GT, and a comparison on the popular Cooper CS3 and CS5 Touring tires. We cover the low cost, quality tires made by Achilles. Check out the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT and the Achillles ATR Sport 2 tire reviews. You will also get easy clear instruction on subjects like checking tire pressure and why and how it can impact your tire tread life. We look forward to bringing you topics that are helpful and informative.

We will post videos on our YouTube channel weekly, during production periods. Subscribe to our channel and you will be the first to see the new releases:

Have a suggestion on a topic you would like to see us cover? Comment on our YouTube channel and we will consider your topic for our next round of videos!

To see more of Kevin and Willie B and their show Two Guys Garage visit their website for airing times on MAVTV or to watch online!