Nation tire safety week

Doing Our PART for National Tire Safety Week

Tires-Easy Tire Safety

Tire SafetyThis week marks the 11th Annual National Tire Safety Week sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. The Be Tire Smart – Play Your P.A.R.T. initiative is designed to educate drivers about the 4 essential areas of tire safety and maintenance; Pressure, Alignment, Rotation and Tread.

We’re kicking off Tire Safety Week with some helpful tips regarding tire pressure. The safety of your vehicle on the road is impacted greatly by properly inflated tires. Not only are you safer on the roads when you maintain proper tire pressure, you are also extending the life of your tires and saving gas. So remember these handy tips and check your tire pressure today:

  • Don’t check the tire for the recommended pressure, check your inside panel of the driver’s side door (or driver’s manual if not on the door label) for the proper air pressure for your vehicle tires.
  • Changes in weather temperature can affect tire pressure, a 10 degree change can produce a 1 pound per square inch drop in pressure.
  • Driving on tires warms the rubber and air in the tire, so it’s recommended to check your tire pressure in the morning, before you have driven on your tires, to ensure the most accurate reading.
  • The NHTSA estimates that 1.2 billion gallons of gas are wasted each year from under-inflated tires in the US, so put more money in your pockets and check your pressure at least once a month, more often during extreme temperature changes.
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