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Trailer Tires

Whether you are hauling a boat trailer, travel trailer, utility trailer, construction trailer, cargo trailer or horse and livestock trailer we have a wide range of tires for your trailer. Choose your size, we will provide you with choices to meet your quality, budget, load capacity and speed rating. We offer popular brands such as Greenball, Milestar, Nanco, Gladiator, Tow-Master, Velocity and Carlisle trailer tires to suit your needs.

A good trailer tire needs to be durable enough to support heavy weights and pull loads without wearing down quickly or losing shape. You also want a trailer tire that offers low roll resistance, temperature control, and stiff sidewalls for a high-performance that can withstand tough towing jobs. Some trailer tires are designed for specific weather to provide better traction on wet, dry, or snowy roads, as well as offer a shorter stopping distance. You can choose between radial and bias ply trailer tires depending on the manufacturer’s recommended tire type and handling capability. Although these tires are more expensive, it’s strongly recommended to choose a high-quality trailer model over a passenger tire due to the added strength and durability to fit the need.

Since there are so many options to choose from when looking for a trailer tire, our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you find the best model for your vehicle and application. Tires Easy also has a Tire Selector search tool that filters through our inventory to help you find the tire that fits your vehicle and price point.

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