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1. How can I place an order?

You can place your order online 24 hours a day. You can also call our Customer Service Team during normal business hours, 5 am - 5pm PST, and they can assist you in placing your order.

2. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. We offer free shipping on most Passenger & Light Truck Tires. We can ship to your home, office or the installer of your choice. Some larger or heavier tires may have shipping charges, but will clearly prior to placing your order.

3. Is there Sales Tax applied to my orders?

Yes, we charge sales tax on orders where applicable and based on your State, County and/or City requirements. The tax charged is based on the delivery location for the tires.

4. Can I do in store pick up?

All tires are shipped to the customer via FedEx. Our warehouses are not set up for customer pick up at this time.

5. When I will receive my tires?

You will see an estimated delivery time when ordering your tires. Orders typically ship within 1 to 2 business day after the order is placed. Once the tires are picked up and scanned by FedEx, the days in transit begin. All dates provided are estimated days and not guaranteed days.

6. I only received 2 of my 4 tires can you help me, what do I need to do?

Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com so we can look into this for you.

7. My order hasn't shippped, what can I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com so we can look into this for you.

8. What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

9. What tires have free shipping?

Use Filter on the left of the page for Free Shipping to see all tires with free shipping.

10. Do you offer Price Matching?

Yes. Once you find the tires you like on our website, there is a link for Price Match right above the add to cart button. Click on that link and submit the requested information and we will email you back with an approval, counter offer or a denial.


1. How can I cancel my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com so we can try to cancel the order prior to shipping.

2. How can I return tires?

We have a 45 day return policy on our tires. As long as they are not damaged you can return them for a refund. Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com to get the return started.

3. How many days it takes for a refund?

It all depends on the situation for the refund. Typically refunds are processed within 48 hours of receipt of the tires back to our warehouse.

4. Return labels, how to use them?

FedEx return labels will be sent to you via email. Once you receive the email, please print the label(s), remove all the old FedEx labels, attach the new label(s) to the tire(s) and then drop it/them off at your local FedEx office. Please make sure to obtain a drop off receipt for your records. 

5. I made a mistake on the order and I need to change it or cancel it. Can you help me?

Once an order is made we cannot make any changes to it. Please call us right away so we can work with the warehouse to get the order cancelled prior to shipping, and a new order will need to be placed for the correct size and/or tires.


1. My new tire is damaged? Can I get a replacement?

Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com with more details.

2. My package was lost? What can I do?

Please contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com so we can look into this for you.

3. How do I start a warranty claim for my tires?

To start a claim for a warranty on your tires, you will need to contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com. Depending on what is wrong with the tire will determine what documents will be required. ***Please do not discard the tire as it will need to be sent back as part of the Claim process. We pay for the tire to be returned to us.


1. What warranties do the tires come with?

We honor all manufacturer warranties. These can be found on each of the manufacturer’s websites, and we list the manufacturere's warrant on each tire. B. We also have a 45 day return policy. If you get a tire that you are not happy with, as long as it has not been damaged, you can return it within 45 days for a refund. We even pay the shipping to have them sent back to us. We want to make sure that our customers are happy with their purchases.


1. What should the tire pressure be for my tires?

Each vehicle has a recommended PSI for the tires. Consult your users manual or the manufacturer label inside the front, driver's door. The PSI on the tire is for the tire only. Your vehicle lists the PSI for best performance of the vehicle.

2. Do you offer Military Discounts?

At this time we do not offer Military discounts.

3. Do you offer Road Hazard Insurance?

Not all tires have a Road Hazard Warranty. We do honor all manufacturer warranties so if the manufacturer provides a Road Hazard warranty then we will be able to assist you. If you have a damaged tire due to a road hazard, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-855-978-6789 or at info@tires-easy.com to get the Claim started.

4. Where do I send the recepit to get the manufacturer rebate?

Please visit our Rebate page and choose the tire brand rebate for the tires you purchased. You will see a link at the bottom of the rebate which takes you to the manufacturer page to fill out and submit your form. If you have questions please contact our Customer Service Department to assist you.

5. How do I register my tires?

Visit our Register Your Tires page to register your tires. You will need your receipt to fill out the form.

6. Why should I register my tires?

In the event the manufacturer has a recall, they will be able to contact you immediately.

7. If I did not register my tires are they still under warranty?

Yes. All tires are covered under Manufacturer warranties. If you experience an issue with your tires, please contact our Customer Service Dept and they will be able to assist you.

8. Where/How to check when my tires were manufactured?

All tires have a DOT (Dept of Transportation) date on them. The date is a 4 digit number inside an oval on the side of the tire. Example 0421 - this means the tires were manufacturer the 4th week of the year 2021.

9. Do you stud winter tires?

We do not offer tire studding services. Contact your local tire shop for studding services.

10. Where are you located?

Our Corporate office is located in California. We have over 300+ warehouses around the US that we ship our tires from.

11. I am a Tires-easy member but I don't remember the email I registered with? What can I do?

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to look up your account information for you. Please give us a call at 1-855-978-6789 for us to assist you.

12. How do I change my email address on my account?

Once an account is created we cannot change the email on the account. A new account would have to be created for the new email address. If you made an error on the email when placing the order, contact our Customer Service Dept at 1-855-978-6789 and they can adjust the email address on the order.

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