Doral SDL-A tires

Doral Tires: Reliable and Great Value

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Economy sedan owners don’t have to shell out a lot of money for high-performance tires. Doral tires provide excellent performance for almost any car and driving style.  The Doral SDL-A tire style provides long tread-life for a very reasonable price. Most drivers simply do not want to sacrifice tread-life and value for ultra-high performance, race car level handling.  The Doral SDL-A tire was designed for the daily driving style of the typical driver, and the budget of the average tire buyer in mind.  For these reasons, Doral tires have built a solid base of satisfied users, and are now one of the best-selling tires on

Doral Tires for Traction and Handling

Doral tires

The Doral SDL-A performance tire is hard to beat on price, high performance and long tread-life.

The Doral SDL-A tire is an all-season tire with sporty handling. This means better grip and control on dry roads, wet roads and even on snow-covered roads. The solid year-round grip is thanks in part to the tread design. Doral SDL-A tires have wide grooves that channel water out from under the tire to reduce the chance of hydroplaning, and plenty of ice and snow gripping sipes. Sipes are small cuts in the tread blocks that open under torque for added bite on slippery road surfaces.

Doral Tires for Durability

Doral tires are built strong enough to protect against road hazards and to resist tread wear on abrasive road surfaces. The casing of the tire has an extra durable nylon cap to protect against penetrations through the tread that could cause flats. In the side of the tire near the rim, there is a steel belt that protects and reinforces the bead area. This ensures the tire adheres snuggly to the rim to reduce the chance of slow leaks between the tire and the wheel.   For long tread-life, even if driven aggressively on very abrasive highway and road surfaces, Doral SDL-A tires have a long lasting tread compound that means you can get several years of use out of your tires. Reliable performance and long tread-life are important to the average tire buyer, but the price point of Doral tires is ultimately what makes them a best seller.

Doral Tires & Tires-easy for the Lowest Prices

For comparison purposes, here is an actual pricing example on For the common 205/55R16 H size, the most expensive tire, from a well-known name brand, was $161/tire. The least expensive tire in that size was the Doral SDL-A tire, at $41.40/tire. In this case, you could buy a set of 4 Doral tires on for the price of one of the premium brand tires. This may not always be the case for other sizes, but it is easy to see the incrediable value that the Doral SDL-A tires offer any savvy shopper looking for the cheapest tire possible. But don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this is a much lesser quality tire. Doral tires are designed for durability and performance and will exceed your expectations, like it has for so many other customers. The tire comes in a range of sizes to fit most sedans and minivans. As an added bonus, you get Free Road Hazard Warranty for one year on all tires purchased on

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