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Petlas Tires: An Affordable Option for Safe Year-Round Driving

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Purchasing new tires can feel  like an enormous drain – especially on our bank accounts.

It doesn’t have to be that way. More brands are introducing high-quality tires that won’t throw your budget into the red, despite the increase in the price of natural rubber and other materials.

One of our favorite affordable tire brands at the moment is Petlas Tires, a company that has continued to impress with affordable, trustworthy tires for every situation.

Haven’t heard of this brand before? Let us tell you a little bit about it, as well as share some of our top all-season, summer, and winter tires from Petlas.

The Brand: Petlas Tires

Founded in 1976, Petlas has always prioritized environmental awareness and safety in its products. These values have translated into the production of tires that consumers can really trust. Petlas tires are tested on their own test track to verify performance and quality standards are met.

Additionally, Petlas Tires places a strong emphasis on affordability in its tires – without sacrificing quality. The brand’s leaders have worked to make tire innovation and technology something that every average consumer can buy.

European shoppers have already been purchasing Petlas tires for years. Now, the brand is making its big entry into the United States market, and it has quickly established a strong presence amongst dealers and buyers alike.

If you’re on the hunt for tires that can protect your vehicle and offer you enormous value for their cost, take a look at some of the Petlas tires listed below. These are some of the Tires Easy favorites, and as a Petlas Tires dealer, we’re happy to talk to you about any of them.

Our Top Petlas Tire Picks

Petlas All-Season Tires

First up are our favorite all-season Petlas tires. These offer longer tread wear and a smooth, quiet, and safe ride – as long as you aren’t dealing with extreme summer or winter conditions regularly.

Explero PT411

Our first high-performance, all-season tire on this list is the Explero PT411. This Petlas tire is an excellent choice for SUVs and light trucks. It features:

  • Four circumferential grooves to evacuate water and slush effectively
  • Wide contact areas to distribute pressure evenly
  • Special outside block designs to improve cornering performance
  • Unique compound to reduce noise level and improve comfort

These features work together to reduce the risk of hydroplaning in rainy weather and provide great use throughout all four seasons. The Explero PT411 starts at $118/tire.

Explero PT421

Like the PT411, the Explero PT421 is another great fit for light trucks and SUVs. It features:

  • Wide contact areas for outstanding traction
  • Four zig-zag longitudinal grooves to evacuate water and slush effectively
  • Outside block designs that provide traction in all weather conditions
  • Aggressive center tread block placement to improve road grip

With this tire, you’ll experience excellent cornering abilities, traction, and grip, both on and off the road. The Explero PT421 is a bit more affordable than the PT411, starting at $101/tire.

Petlas Summer Tires

Next, we’re going to share our top Petlas summer tires. Also known as performance tires, these are designed to provide excellent dry and wet traction, as well as precise handling. They are meant to be used during warm months or in regions that don’t really experience true “winter weather.”

Velox Sport PT741

First on our list of summer tires is the Petlas Velox Sport PT741. This high-performance tire is crafted specifically for passenger vehicles in warm summer environments. It features:

  • Three wide circumferential grooves to help with water evacuation
  • Special tread designs with large tread blocks to improve handling
  • A wide center rib to improve straight-line performance and high-speed cornering
  • An asymmetrical pattern with an outer-side rib for short braking capabilities.

Overall, this tire offers superb handling on both wet and dry surfaces. We often recommend it to drivers of sporty passenger vehicles who want an aesthetically pleasing tire that’s still highly capable.

The Petlas Velox Sport PT741 starts at $99/tire.

Imperium PT515

The Petlas Imperium PT515 is another excellent summer option, created for passenger vehicles. It features:

  • Four circumferential grooves to assist with water evacuation
  • A plain block next to the shoulder to improve handling/braking
  • A center rib that offers straight-line stability at high speeds
  • Computer-simulated block array that minimizes road noise and improves comfort
  • Shoulder blocks that enhance cornering performance

If you are looking for a summer tire to keep your passenger vehicle safe at high speeds, check this one out. The Imperium PT515 starts at $81/tire.

Explero PT431

Next, we have the Petlas Explero PT431, a high-performance summer tire designed for luxury SUVs. It features:

  • Three wide and two narrow circumferential grooves to evacuate water
  • An asymmetrical pattern to increase performance on wet and dry surfaces
  • Wide shoulders to increase the surface area
  • Center ribs that provide straight-line stability at high speeds

All of these features contribute to a tire that offers excellent grip, braking capabilities, and hydroplane risk management. If you drive a high-end, luxury SUV, this might be the right summer tire for you. The Petlas Explero PT431 starts at $94/tire.

Petlas Winter Tires

Finally, we have our list of the best affordable winter tires from Petlas. These are designed to be used for safe travel in winter weather conditions, including snow, sleet, and icy rain. All of these Petlas tires are built with advanced capabilities to improve handling on treacherously wet, slippery, and freezing roads.

Explero W671

Our first winter tire, the Petlas Explero W671, was made for SUVs, CUVs, and other 4×4 vehicles that need high traction and grip performance during winter weather conditions. It features:

  • A fine silica technology tread compounds that remain flexible at low temperatures
  • Jointless belt technology that improves uniformity for a smooth ride
  • A center block that improves straight-line performance
  • A block type lateral pattern that offers high maneuverability
  • Circumferential grooves to help evacuate excess water and slush
  • A Z-shaped biting mechanism that sticks into surfaces like snow or ice

These features come together to create a tire that is great at preventing hydroplaning, durable in cold weather, and able to grip slick, slippery surfaces. The Explero W671 starts at $92/tire.

Snow Master W601

Next up is the Petlas Snow Master W601, a high-performance winter tire made for a variety of passenger vehicles. It features:

  • A fine silica technology tread compound that stays flexible, even in low temperatures
  • High-tech under tread construction that consists of a nylon cover and wide steel belts
  • Computer-designed tread blocks that minimize road noise and improve comfort
  • Z-shaped sipes to improve handling in snow and ice
  • V-shaped lateral grooves to discharge water and slush to reduce the risk of hydroplaning

These advanced features help to ensure superb braking and handling on snow/ice, as well as durability for the years (and many winters) to come. The Petlas Snow Master W601 starts at $55/tire.

Snow Master W651

The Petlas Snow Master W651 is a winter tire that’s crafted for passenger vehicles and drivers looking for incredible performance on snowy or icy roads. It features:

  • Wide tread blocks for confident stopping performance
  • Z-shaped sipes along the tread to bite into ice and snow
  • A V-shaped tread design to minimize noise level and improve comfort
  • Outer block designs that provide optimal handling while cornering
  • A spiral nylon cover and wide steel belts to increase durability and optimal tread wear

Everything about this tire is optimized for winter weather. From the superb braking and handling capabilities to the high maneuverability, you’ll have what you need to stay safe when it snows or sleets.

The Petlas Snow Master W651 starts at $62/tire.

Glacier W661

Next up is the Petlas Glacier W661, a winter tire designed for cars and CUVs. It features:

  • A center tread block that provides straight-line stability
  • Multi-grooves that channel water and slush away quickly
  • A Claw-tread pattern coming off the center block to increase grip
  • A heavy sipe pattern to help grip icy, frozen roads

If you want precise, reliable handling on icy or snowy roads, but you don’t want to shell out the big bucks, this Petlas winter tire might be a good candidate for you. The Glacier W661 starts at $83/tire.

Full Grip PT 935

Our last winter tire is the Petlas Full Grip PT 935, a great option for light trucks that need a little extra safety and durability when traversing icy surfaces. This tire features:

  • A two-rib design tread pattern with B-shaped grooves to discharge water/slush
  • Multi-sipes that act as a biting mechanism to increase grip and braking performance
  • Big shoulder blocks to improve high-speed cornering and stable handling

All of these features contribute to a reduced risk of hydroplaning and better control when you’re on those slick, icy roads. The Full Grip PT 935 starts at $109/tire.



Here is a video to sum up the tires displayed:


Find the Petlas Tire That’s Right for You

As you can see, Petlas Tires can cover pretty much all of your bases with its large selection of products. From affordable winter tires to budget-friendly all-season tires, they have it all.

If you’re not sure what kind of tire you need or which Petlas Tires product is right for you, reach out to our team. At Tires Easy, we know our products inside and out, which allows us to provide personalized recommendations based on your driving habits, environment, and vehicle.

To learn more about Petlas or begin your own tire shopping journey, call 1-855-978-6789. You can also send us a message online. We look forward to helping you stay safe and comfortable on the road.

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