Self Inflating Tires, Goodyear Innovates

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Self Inflating Tires

What if you never had to check your tire pressure or fill your tires with air? Like many people, you probably don’t check your tire pressure every month (like you are supposed to) and you probably have the worn tires and poor gas mileage to prove it!

Goodyear recognizes this inherent safety hazard for drivers on the road and has innovated a solution. Now when the air pressure gets low, Goodyear’s new tire will inflate itself. They call it “Air Maintenance Technology”.

When a tire loses pressure, it flattens slightly, this alerts a valve in the tire to push air into a “pumping tube” to add air to the tire as needed. This tire pressure optimization will go a long way to keeping many more driver’s safer on the roads. As well, you will be maximizing your gas mileage, getting way more bang for your buck at the pump.

This first roll out of this tire will be available for the commercial fleet market with a consumer product to follow. As fuel economy and tire life are key benefits to keeping proper tire pressure maintained, these self inflating tires from Goodyear are sure to be a consumer hit.

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