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A set of new tires can be a large purchase and might be an unplanned expense. Tire financing can help by spreading the cost of new tires out over several monthly payments.

Maybe you have been planning for new tires for a while, and you have just been waiting to save the money.  Or maybe you find out you need new tires after a routine maintenance service, or tire rotation. Since you can pay anywhere from $250 to over $2,000 for a set of 4 new tires, they can be a stretch on the budget.  For these reasons, financing a new tire purchase with tire payment plan is a practical solution.

Options exist for financing your next tire purchase

Benefits of Tire Financing

  • Cost of Tire Purchase Spread Over Several Months.  The most obvious benefit is that the cost of the tires can be spread over a period of time. These fixed monthly payments can be worked into your budget, so the cash outlay does not come as one big hit.  Your purchase is able to ship to you immediately and you can be rolling down the road safely with new tires and without the stress on your budget. 
  • Opportunity to Purchase Higher Quality Tires.  Tire financing may offer you the opportunity to buy a higher quality tire, or a tire that is a better fit for your climate, your vehicle, or your driving style.  The price of the same size tire for the exact same vehicle can vary greatly, depending on the quality and features of the tire. The quality of the raw materials, the amount of material used, the tire building equipment, and the manufacturing processes can impact the overall cost and performance of the tire. If, during your research, you find a more expensive tire model is a better fit, then buying tires on a payment plan may be the answer.  A few extra dollars a month may buy you a longer mileage warranty, better fuel efficiency or a higher quality winter tire.  It may also provide the peace of mind that comes with buying a brand that has a solid reputation for safety and good overall performance.
  • Replacing More Tires at One Time. Financing your tire purchase may allow you to replace 4 tires instead of only 2. Mixing new tires with even half worn tires will impact the handling and stability of the vehicle during quick lane changes, emergency braking or weather hazards. The impact on the vehicle’s handling is particularly noticeable when a new tire is mixed with a worn tire on the same axle. This should always be avoided, as tires on the same axle must provide close to the same levels of grip, and have the same overall diameter to provide stability and traction. Tires with even slight differences in tread depths have different rotations per mile. This can lead to damage of the vehicle’s power train. So if financing means the difference between replacing 2 tires instead of 1, or 4 tires instead of 2, it is well worth the extra spend. 

Tire Financing with Affirm?

Finance your Tires with AffirmTires-easy offers tire financing options with Affirm.  You can easily pre-qualify if you like or simply choose Affirm at Checkout. Affirm asks you a few simple questions and gives you a real time answer on your tire finance request, and applying will not hurt your credit rating.  Affirm is a secure transaction and there are no gimmicks or hidden fees.

You have the flexibility of choosing your monthly payments; pay over 3, 6 or 12 months for orders up to $999, and up to 18 months for purchases over $1000. Interest rates from 10% – 30% APR will apply.  If Affirm approves your loan you will see the loan terms before you make your purchase.  You will see exactly how much you owe each month, the number of payments you must make, and the total amount of interest you will pay over the course of the loan. Payments are a simple easy process each month.

If you have emerging credit, no credit or less than prime credit Affirm may ask you for a down payment up front and finance the remaining balance or your tire purchase.

So go shop tires with confidence that you have options in how you will pay for them and some peace of mind on the road. Tires-easy and Affirm are here to help you with your new tire purchases.

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