Firestone Tires 2021 Rebate

Receive $60 on a prepaid Firestone Visa Card when you purchase 4 new qualifying Firestone tires. Offer validon purchases made from May 13th, 2021 to July 8th, 2021. You have to submit your claim to Firestone tires at the link bellow.

This rebate is valid on the following tires:
$60 Rebate $60 Rebate
Champion Fuel Fighter Firehawk A/S
Destination A/T Firehawk Indy 500
Destination M/T2 Destination LE2
Destination A/T2 Destination XT
WeatherGrip Destination LE3


To take advantage of this great offer from Firestone Tires, make sure to complete and submit your rebate form online by July 18th, 2021 to be eligible for the $60 rebate. 

To submit your rebate, please click here.

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