tire prices increasing in 2022

Are Tire Prices Increasing in 2022?

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Want to buy new tires but looking for the best tire prices?

Spoiler alert! You may have to budget a bit more for your tires.

So you search for tires with the best prices and wonder “Are tire prices going up this 2022?”. Well, we did some research for you and this is some news that could help you out.

Not the best, to be honest (well, for your favorite tire brands at least)

Since 2020, the entire commercial tire industry has been through a lot (we’re sure you have as well) A global pandemic, resource shortages, supply chain issues, that family gathering you might not want to go to, you know it all!

Not to push some buttons, but we believe this is what you should know:

Up by a 30% tire price increase since last year, global tire manufacturer giants, such as Continental, Toyo, Goodyear, Michelin, Falken, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Pirelli, and a majority of tire brands are taking the punch.

Also, count the 7% increased inflation rate for this year, a 40-year record! (We agree, we are not happy about it either) This is the recent picture of all the best tire brands in the United States and your go-to all-terrain, all-season, and non-winter tires, and the workers behind them are on the frontline.

2022 Dates Tire Manufacturers Plan Price Increases

  • As of July 1, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. consumer tire prices rose by up to 12%, as for their commercial section, up to 14%. This is their second price increase as of 2022.
  • Falken Tyre Europe prices rose 9% last May 1, citing material costs, allocation, and logistic concerns. 
  • Michelin North America Inc. tire prices for passenger and light trucks rose between 5% and 12%, and their on-and off-road commercial tire prices up to 12%, effective June 1.
  • Bridgestone, a staggering 14%, effective last February 1 in their U.S and Canada branches.
  • Yokohama is on its third price increase in less than a year.
  • Pirelli Tire North America Inc is at 10% for their passenger and light truck tires.

Now, that’s a lot of numbers.

But here’s some news that could lighten up the mood, the Fall season is right around the corner!

Are you excited about the travel plans and road trips you will be having with your family and friends?

Sure you are! Don’t forget to add “check my tires” to your list.

You want the best deals on tire prices right now for your travels. With that in mind, we should remember that global factors continue to make tire costs expensive.

This is beyond our control.

Rising oil prices, rubber demand, oversea transportation costs, paying laborers, innovations from rising competitors, and doubled demand are causing a lot of operational difficulties.

This results in low and uneven supply distribution for tiremakers to their customers.

Despite everything happening around, we got your back!

Tire prices increasing

Keep in mind:

Tire prices will not be going down any time soon.

The most efficient practice is to invest in quality tires before prices quadruple over time. 

And nobody wants the added expenses, right?

Not you!

Here are some tips on how to save on new tires in 2022:

  • Pump it up!

That tire gauge you ordered did come in handy! If you haven’t, we suggest you invest in one.

Have a monthly tire safety inspection. Inspect your tire pressure, rotate them every 5000 miles or oil change, check tread depths, and have the right wheel alignments and adjustments.

This goes a long way! It’s best to focus on the tires you have now rather than spending hundreds and thousands on new ones (unless you need to)

Here are some tire maintenance tips for your equipment for you to read at your spare time:

How to Check Tire Pressure

4 Tire Maintenance Tips for Your Equipment

How To Make Tires Last Longer: 5 Easy Tips

Ready to Roll: Why Proper Tire Rotation Matters

Wear Out Tires Evenly and Save Big

  • Have a one-track mind!

Driving 101! Be mindful of yourself, your loved ones, and in this case, tire safety. Potholes, construction debris, jaywalkers, and the occasional deer; anything can happen!

Being aware of road rules and your temper makes a ton of difference. Having the right attitude on the road could be the 1% you need to make a 99% difference in making your tires last longer (your life included)

  • A penny saved is a penny earned!

Save for a tire maintenance fund. Look for tire dealer shops that offer a wide range of discounts. From credit card to tire financing options, look for the best tire deals and quality discounts for tire brands so you won’t pour money down the drain.

To help you save, Tires-Easy offers membership savings discounts and tire rebates when you create an account! Did we forget to tell you about our free shipping?

Save more with these articles:

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  • Knowledge is power.

Do you remember that feeling when you know you made a great purchase because you did your research?

That makes you an educated buyer! Continue to learn the ups and downs of the local tire shops near you. This will help you be strategic with your budget to get the most out of your hard-earned cash!

Phew! We covered a ton of ground, and it’s a lot to take in. Nobody deserves unnecessary stress.

Especially, you!

This is why we do what we do, to make sure that you get the best tires for your vehicle while we do the worrying for you.

Shopping for tires online is not your thing? Here’s a complete guide to help you out! We’re just a call away at 1-855-978-6789!

Let’s make finding your tires easier, here at Tires-Easy!

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