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Best Places in the US for ATV Riding

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With thousands of miles of trails available across the United States to choose from, it is difficult to plan a family ATV ride for a vacation. Trying to make sure everyone is happy and that all abilities and interests are accounted for is tough. Today we’re highlighting three exciting trails for ATV riding destinations that are sure to please the entire family and make the choice an easy one.

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Tennessee’s Brimstone Recreation Area is an outdoor lover’s dream in the heart of Appalachia. With over 300 miles of trails on more than 19,000 acres of wilderness, you can ride for days without taking the same path twice. The trails cover various elevations with many opportunities to take in sights such as raging rivers, deep gorges and beautiful scenery overlooking the mountains. Along with the obvious allure of the trails, fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking and camping are all accessible for the entire family. They have cabin rentals, campgrounds and RV camping spots for rent.

Utah’s Paiute Trail System boasts “ATV-friendly towns” and an unending trail as their main claims to fame. With over 2500 miles of marked and unmarked trails, the diverse range of terrains makes this one of the best places to ATV in the US. With mountain ridges up to 11,000 feet down to trails winding in the canyons below, it’s an experience every family member will remember fondly. The ability to visit and stay in one of the many towns directly on and off the trails is a fun benefit to this adventure.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is home to over 32,000 acres of the largest coastal dunes expanse in the United States. Extending over 40 miles along the coast, some of the dunes reach up to 500 feet above sea level. There are rides and areas designated for every level and different types of OHVs. Once you’re done racing along the flats or meandering above the dunes for the day, you and the family can explore several parks in the area. Hiking, fishing, canoeing and horseback riding are just a few of the other activities to enjoy.

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