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Firestone Winterforce Tires Reliability & Great Pricing

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Firestone Tires is an iconic American brand with a long history of making tires for the most demanding applications and conditions.  In recent years, Firestone merged with Bridgestone and benefited from their Bridgestone Blizzak winter tire design expertise.  Since then, they have perfected Firestone Winterforce tires for the harshest winter climates imaginable, but at much lower prices.

For the money, Firestone Winterforce tires are an excellent buy. They have a lot of the same features and benefits of more premium winter tires but at much lower prices.

Firestone Winterforce Tires for Cars, CUVs and SUVs

Firestone Tires has one tread pattern for all cars and light duty utility vehicles in standard or p-metric tire sizes. All cars, and the large majority of crossover vehicles and SUVs on the roads today take standard or p-metric tires.  All the larger sizes of Firestone Winterforce tires have UV after the name, identifying them as appropriate for Utility Vehicles.

Firestone Winterforce Tires

The Firestone Winterforce and Firestone Winterforce UV share the same tread pattern.
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The Firestone Winterforce tire and Firestone Winterforce UV have a directional tread pattern with tread blocks covered in a large number of sipes.  These small cuts in the tread blocks are three dimensional, and represent Firestone’s latest technology. Three dimensional, zig-zag sipes make the tire more stable because the block elements interlock when cornering. This feature provides better handling on dry roads, and better grip on snow, wet and ice traction.

All Firestone Winterforce tires and Winterforce UV tires are Mud and Snow rated and carry the Severe Snow Performance Mountain-Snowflake marking. The marking means the tires exceed the severe snow service requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC).  All the tires can be studded for extra ice and snow traction.

The Firestone Winterforce LT for Pick-up Trucks and Towing

The Firestone Winterforce LT is a heavy duty version of the Winterforce tire.  It is only available in LT sizes, which are appropriate for towing and heavy loads. It is a better option for commercial applications or pick-up trucks. The casing of the tire has extra plies and reinforced sidewalls to operate at higher air pressures and carry higher loads.  At the higher air pressure, LT tires typically feel more stable, with less sway when the vehicle is heavily loaded.  The heavier sidewall also means greater resistance to sidewall damage from road hazards.

Firestone winterforce LT tires

The Winterforce LT provides more All-Terrain traction in slush & mud.
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The tread of the Firestone Winterforce LT tire has high density siping, as well as a directional tread design,  however the tread blocks are slightly larger and spaced further apart. This creates wider grooves for more off-road traction which most heavy duty work trucks need from time to time when towing or on the job site in the winter months.  Any SUV driver pulling a trailer loaded with ski-doos or loaded with family and gear in a muddy parking lot during a ski weekend will also appreciate the added off-road, mud and slush traction capabilities.

The Winterforce LT is studdable and meets the severe snow service requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC).

So for confident winter driving Firestone Winterforce tires are a great option from a trusted brand.  You will be impressed with the cheap prices when you buy on  We have all the sizes available for easy ordering and accurate, fast shipping. You can also call us Toll Free at 1-855-978-6789 between 5am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday.  We would be happy to help you find the right tires to keep you and your family safe this winter.

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