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Cooper Winter Tires – For Winter’s Toughest Roads

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Last Updated on February 17, 2024

Mastering Winter’s Most Challenging Roads

Cooper winter tires are made in the USA to the highest quality standards and designed for safety in winter’s toughest road conditions. The unique tread design and tire compounds provide excellent traction in snow, slush, icy roads, or extremely cold, dry roads.

All Cooper winter tires have an M+ S and severe snow performance ratings. We carry the full line of Cooper winter tires, including the Cooper Weather-Master tires and the Cooper Discoverer M+S tires, to give our customers the confidence they need in winter driving.

Why Do I Need Winter Tires?

Cooper winter tires are a smart choice if you live in the northern United States or Canada and do a lot of driving when the temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). Although all-season tires provide good winter traction, the tread rubber in all-season tires is designed to perform and wear well in a broad range of temperatures.

A dedicated winter tire offers superior performance in snow, ice, and freezing temperatures because the tread rubber composition focuses solely on cold-weather tire performance. The unique tread compounds allow Cooper winter tires to stay more flexible at lower temperatures, providing excellent traction and less wear on the tire on cold roads.

Winter tire tread designs also aid in providing traction and grip when stopping and accelerating. Winter tires offer the safety and security you need when driving in difficult winter conditions that cannot be achieved with all-season tires.

Why do Tires Matter in Winter?

Driving in winter isn’t the same as going in other seasons. Winter roads are unpredictable, and conditions can change rapidly. That’s where Cooper Winter Tires shine. They offer:

  • Responsive Braking: When driving on snow or ice, you need tires that respond swiftly when you hit the brakes. Cooper’s winter tire lineup ensures reduced stopping distances, keeping you and your passengers safe.
  • Smooth Handling: Even in winter, you deserve a smooth ride. Cooper tires provide superior handling, ensuring your drives are as comfortable as they are safe.
  • Peace of Mind: Above all, Cooper Tires offers peace of mind. With them on your vehicle, you know you’re equipped to face winter’s challenges head-on.

Cooper Winter Tires

For grip on snow and ice, the Cooper Weather-Master tires and the Cooper Discoverer M+S tires have a very high density of sipes in the tread. These small grooves in the tread blocks provide the biting edges needed for snow traction and grip on ice. All Cooper winter tires also have deep circumferential grooves, which help channel water and slush out from under the tread to prevent hydroplaning.

Why Choose Cooper Winter Tires?

  1. Optimal Traction: Cooper designs its winter tires with deep tread patterns, ensuring maximum grip on snow and ice. So, Cooper has got you covered whether you’re driving on freshly fallen snow or icy patches.
  2. Durability: Winter can be tough on tires, but Cooper’s winter tires are tougher. Made with premium materials, they’re designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions, giving you the necessary longevity.
  3. Safety First: Cooper tires undergo rigorous testing to meet high safety standards. With features like siped tread patterns and enhanced rubber compounds, these tires ensure your vehicle remains stable, even in tricky conditions.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Believe it or not, the right tire can also help you save at the pump. Cooper’s winter tires have a design that reduces rolling resistance, helping you achieve better fuel efficiency.

Cooper Weather-Master Winter Tires

The Cooper Weather-Master tires are excellent for snow and ice and are available in various sizes for cars, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks.

Cooper Weather-Master S/T2

The Cooper Weather-Master S/T2 is a premium, studdable winter tire with sizes to fit a wide range of passenger cars. The tread design balances high winter traction with a smooth, quiet ride.

D-squared sipe technology enhances winter performance while continuing to provide excellent wet traction. It is constructed with a tri-polymer blend tread compound, formulated for excellent traction while still providing damp and dry performance.

If you drive a lot of miles winter miles and typically rotate your winter tires mid-season, the Weather-Master S/T2  is quickly turned to all positions on the vehicle.

Cooper Weather-Master WSC

The Cooper Weather-Master WSC is Cooper’s superior, studdable, directional tread pattern tire for improved acceleration on snow and ice and good water evacuation. It comes in sizes for passenger cars and SUVs. The patterned circumferential Snow Groove technology enhances snow-on-snow traction capabilities.

The high silica, flexible tread compounds add superior traction in ice, slush, and extreme wet and cold conditions. Micro gauge sipes provide stable tread elements and more biting edges during braking.

Remember that the directional pattern means you can only rotate the Weather-Master WSC tires front to back on the same side of the vehicle.

Cooper Winter Tires - Weather Master Tires

Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter Tires

With over 50 sizes, the Cooper Discoverer M+S Winter tire is one of the most complete range of winter tires available.

Cooper Discoverer M+S tire

The Cooper Discoverer M+S tire is a premium, studdable winter tire for light trucks and SUVs. The Snow Groove technology provides biting edges for excellent traction in snow and ice.

The D-Squared sipe technology maintains excellent wet traction while improving winter performance. The saw-tooth center circumferential rib and block tread provide stability and track wear, while the optimized tire profile shape provides even contact and balanced tread wear. Strategically placed stud pins allow improved stud retention and optimum traction on ice.

Cooper Discoverer M+S Sport

The Cooper Discoverer M+S Sport is a non-studded, premium winter tire designed for crossovers, SUVs, and performance-geared SUVs. Also equipped with the Snow Goove technology for improved traction, the tread design has biting edges for enhanced grip in extreme winter conditions.

Silica compounds enhance ice, wet, and snow grip at low temperatures, providing the winter driving confidence you need. The Discoverer M+S Sport comes in T, H, and V speed ratings for 16-19 inch rim diameters. V Speed-rated tires are ideal for modern, high-performance 4x4s. The Discoverer M+S Sport will quickly pull you through the most challenging winter conditions.

Cooper Winter Tires - Discoverer M+S Tires

Winter is a season of picturesque snowfalls, cozy evenings, and…challenging roads. The onset of winter comes with its own set of driving challenges, from black ice to slush-filled lanes. To tackle these obstacles, you need a tire that isn’t just good – you need one that’s exceptional. Enter Cooper Winter Tires.

Get Ready to Conquer Winter

Preparation is key when it comes to winter driving. Don’t wait for the first snowfall to realize you need to upgrade your tires. With Cooper Winter Tires, you’re not just buying tires but investing in safety, performance, and peace of mind.

Ready to take on winter’s most challenging roads with confidence?

Shop now at Tire Easy for the best deals on Cooper Winter Tires. Ensure your vehicle is winter-ready and experience the unparalleled performance of Cooper Tires. Drive safe, drive easy with Tire Easy.

You can easily see why Cooper winter tires are an excellent choice for your vehicle: to provide you peace of mind for your safety on the road and superior value for your money.

If you need assistance choosing a Cooper or any winter tire, call our Customer Service number at 1-855-978-6789. We have the cheapest prices and largest selection of winter tires for quick and easy ordering with shipping directly to your home. Visit today!


Are Cooper tires good in the snow?

Yes, Cooper tires are known for their good performance in snowy conditions. They offer a range of winter tires explicitly designed for optimal traction and stability on snow-covered roads.

What is the best winter tire for deep snow?

While many brands offer excellent winter tires for deep snow, some top-rated options include the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80, Michelin X-Ice Xi3, and Cooper Discoverer True North. The best tire often depends on specific vehicle needs and personal preferences.

What are the best severe winter tires?

Tires rated for severe winter conditions usually have the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. The best tough winter tires include the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3, Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT, and Cooper Evolution Winter.

What is the most aggressive Cooper tire?

For off-road and challenging terrains, the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is considered one of the most aggressive tires in Cooper’s lineup. It’s designed for excellent mud, rock, and dirt performance.

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