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New Cooper Evolution Winter Tire

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If you drive through ice and no one hears it, does it make a sound? The new Cooper Evolution Winter tire says no, with its studdable and aggressive tread pattern that silences snow by biting into it. Listen closely, because no matter the weather, your ride is about to get a lot quieter. Cooper’s “start of an evolution” begins with meeting the tire industry’s severe snow service rating and three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, all at the mid-tier price point in the Cooper lineup.

“Cooper launched the Evolution tire line as part of our movement toward demystifying the tire selection process. We are streamlining our product offerings to make tire buying less complicated for consumers. With this addition, consumers have their choice of which Cooper product is right for them based on features such as mileage warranty and technology,” says Scott Jamieson, Cooper’s Director of Product Management.

The New Evolution Winter Tire

The Evolution Winter tire will be in great company too, as the Discoverer line has been extremely popular among consumers for its premium quality. Known for superior stopping distance in winter weather, the Evolution Winter is available in 48 sizes for passenger cars, SUVs, and cross-over vehicles. Other impressive features include:

  • Snow Groove Technology: Silica tread compound and optimized tread patterns ensure the best grip in snow, hard-pack, black ice, and other harsh winter weather.
  • An increased number of studs means additional traction, without the trade-off of excessive noise or an uncomfortable riding experience.
  • Sawtooth center ribs provide unmatched stability, ready for anything Mother Nature can unleash.
  • Cross-rotational design aids in the even distribution of tread wear, extending the tires’ life.
  • Snow Trapping Technology: Tread locks snow in place upon contact, making grip better through snow-on-snow traction.
  • One-ply polyester casing brings reinforcement in the form of durability and impact resistance.
  • Two steel belts and a nylon reinforcement come together to support the tread area and provide high-speed uniformity and solid handling response.
  • Deep tread depths, wide circumferential grooves, and open notches located in the shoulders force standing water out.

Cooper Evolution Winter tire is available on and is the perfect companion for winter time. Shop for the tire size you car needs, order them, and get ready for winter!

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