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Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires

Cooper Tire company has been making excellent quality tires at affordable prices in the United States for almost 100 years. Cooper's passenger, truck, crossover and SUV tires are a customer favorite and one of our best selling tire brands.  Founded in 1914 as M&M Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio, the company produced patches, cement, and repair kits for tires. In 1920 the company acquired Giant Tire & Rubber Company, and moved their headquarters to Findlay, Ohio, and began making tires.  During World War II the company supplied tires for the Allied Forces and was awarded the Army-Navy ‘E’ Award for their contribution to the war effort. In 1946, the name was officially changed to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.  Today Cooper Tires is the 5th largest tire manufacturer in the United States, and is proudly headquartered on the original factory site in Findlay, Ohio.

Commitment To Sustainability

In addition to quality, Cooper Tire is very focused on compliance, and the environmental impact of their factories. This includes the well-being of their workforce and the communities surrounding their facilities. Cooper maintains a single minded focus to deliver great quality and value, plus safety  in their tires for you and your family.

The Cooper Tire Difference - R&D:

Cooper Tire has always been pushing to put new and advanced technology in their products. One such advancement is the innovative Wear Square which is available on all their Cooper CS5 Touring tires. As the tire wears, the Wear Square transitions from a full square design in the rubber, to a single exclamation mark. As the exclamation mark emerges in your tread, you know it is time to change your tires. This feature is in the CS5 Grand & Ultra touring tire, to help know when to  purchase new tires before they become too worn for safe operation. Here are some other technology and reasons the Cooper Tire has become a trusted name in the tire industry.

      High tech mold profiles that increase the tires contact with the road.

      Silica tread compounds that increase the performance of tires on wet roads, without sacrificing wear life.

      3-D siping technology for plenty of biting edges while keeping the tread block stiff.  This means more traction, without impacting handling.

      ARMOR-TEK3 carcass protection provides a third layer of protection decreasing  the chance of stones, sticks or hazards getting stuck in the tire, damaging the casing by up to 50% over a 2 ply tire. 

We have the full range of Cooper tires for sale at Tires Easy, including winter tires, performance tires, all season and all terrain tires for all types of passenger vehicles. Choose the Cooper tires that are right for you today!

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