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Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires

The Cooper Tire Company has been fulfilling its reputation for offering top quality tires at affordable prices since 1914. The all-American made tire company still follows the creed that was developed by its founder in 1926, which is to provide: “Good merchandise, fair play, and a square deal.”The manufacturer has been on the forefront of technology and innovation in design to offer a superior product while keeping tire prices at a minimum.

Commitment to Sustainability

Cooper Tires has most recently committed themselves to finding more sustainable manufacturing practices that are safe for the environment. They are making serious strides to reduce their pollution and carbon output in manufacturing plants by controlling emissions, reducing waste, and adopting more efficient practices.

The Cooper Tire Difference

The brand has always pushed to offer new technology and innovative designs that provide a better driving experience for their customers. Their Wear Square is a unique design feature only found in the Cooper CS5 Touring Tires, available for sale online at Tires-Easy. As the tire tread wears down over time, the Wear Square transforms from a visible square patch to an exclamation mark design on the tire to alert the driver that it is time for a replacement. This ensures a safer driving experience and protects the user from the dangers of driving with worn out tires, such as the higher risk of going flat or spinning out. According to customer reviews for Cooper Tires, the Wear Square is not only a great safety feature for tread wear, the brilliant design can also indicate alignment issues.

The brand also use special technical molds for tire tread to improve its contact with the road for better handling. Their special silica compounds built right into the rubber provide better traction during slippery wet conditions like rain, snow, and ice. They also use 3-D siping technology to stiffen the walls of tires for a stronger grip. Moreover, the ARMOR-TEK3 protection layer included on most of their tires is built to reduce the risk of punctures that could cause deflation.

At Tires-Easy, we are proud to offer a wide range of Cooper tires for multiple types of vehicles and driving experiences. Here are some of the most popular models that are trusted by drivers who choose Cooper.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires: This all-terrain tire model is designed for pick-up trucks and SUVs to support a smooth, safe ride in all sorts of conditions. The deep tread design offers a strong grip that can withstand off-road driving while providing a longer tread-life for a great value.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tires: Drivers that are looking for an all-in-one option that offers all-season traction, smooth rides, efficiency, and a reasonable price need to look no further than the CS5 Grand Touring. The high silica tread rubber offers great handling in dry or wet conditions while also supporting long tread life for a high value. Additionally, it employs “stabiledge technology” for a smoother ride and better handling.

Cooper Discoverer SRX Tires: The Cooper Discoverer is specially designed for trucks and SUVs to offer a sporty driving experience while still providing safety in all seasons. This model is created to offer higher fuel efficiency with a strong grip for slippery roads or icy driving conditions.

Cooper Zeon LTZ Tires: The Zeon design was created for trucks and SUVs to handle off-road driving conditions while still providing a smooth, safe experience on paved roads. Thanks to its durable reinforced tire styling, this model supports smooth handling and a grippy tread on gravel, dirt, and pavement for an all-in-one hybrid model that fits these needs.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro: The Discoverer STT Pro is an extreme mud tire that will handle the harshest of terrains with style and ease. Perfect for Jeeps, trucks, and SUV’s that go off road and want performance and styling at a great price. The ARMOR- Tek3 carcass delivers superior protection from damage from off-road debris and rocks. The 3-2 tread block pattern delivers incredible traction on a range of off-road surfaces, while offering decent on-road manners. The versatility of this model makes it one of our most popular off-road tires.

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