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Nokian Rockproof Tires for the Harshest Gravel Roads

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If you work in the bush or travel to and from remote worksites on gravel roads, you know how hard that can be on tires.  Nokian Rockproof tires are new long-lasting chip resistant tires designed especially for pick-up trucks that run with heavy loads and at high speeds on abrasive gravel roads.  Tires in this type of application are often replaced before the tread is completely worn down because of extreme chipping and chunking of the tread rubber.  If the tread damage is deep enough, water can penetrate to the steel belt under the tread. The steel will then start to rust inside the tire, and cause the tire to fail from a tread separation. Premature replacement of tires is a serious problem, and high cost for logging and mining operations. For this reason, Nokian Tires tested a new anti-chip tread compound on a heavy duty tire casing in one of the most severe gravel road operations imaginable.

To determine the best rubber for the ultimate chip resistant tires, Nokian placed several sets of test tires on a fleet of pick-up trucks used by Dyer Logging in the Pacific Northwest.  This test was to find the best rubber compound and tread design to withstand the harsh conditions.  Armed with the results from several developmental rubber formulations and tread designs, Nokian Tires landed on the new Nokian Rockproof Tires.  The first set of Nokian Rockproof light truck tires was placed on the hardworking vehicle of Tom Brain, Woods Foreman with Dyer Logging Company.  Six months later, and 30,000 miles later, here is what he had to say about the new Nokian Rockproof tires.

As you can see in this product testimonial, Nokian Rockproof tires are a premium pick-up truck tire for commercial operations, independent contractors, or anyone in logging and mining operations that cover long distances on gravel roads, and need the best possible protection and traction. If you see chunks of tread rubber missing from your tread, you could likely benefit from the Nokian Rockproof tires. Here are the features that make this the ultimate tire for gravel roads:

Nokian Rockproof Tires



  • Stone ejectors prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tire’s tread surface and penetrating through to the steel belts. The stone ejectors improve the tire’s service life and offer additional protection by preventing stone drilling.
  • A new hybrid rubber compound is tailored for challenging off-road use. The tire’s extreme cut resistance comes into its own during professional use on gravel roads and in mines and quarries.
  • Aramid fibers strengthen the tire’s sidewalls to provide durability and protection. The fibre makes the tire more resistant to impacts and cuts.



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