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Tire Warranties

There are several types of warranties that come with tires: Manufacture Defect Warranties, Mileage Warranties and some manufacturers offer a Road Hazard Warranty. All tires come with some basic Manufacture Defect Warranty. Here is some additional information to help you understand the various warranties, and how you need to proceed with a warranty claim:

  • Manufacture Defect Warranty: All tires have some type of basic warranty against defects in the process of producing the tire. This includes workmanship or material defects for the life of the tire (down to 2/32 of tread). An out of round tire is typically an isolated case when one tire will not balance. This should be quickly detected once the tire is on the vehicle. The term of the manufacturer defect warranty varies by each manufacturer, and per tire style.

  • Mileage Warranties: A mileage warranty is determined by the tire manufacturer based on the average number of miles expected for the tire. To process a successful mileage warranty you must be able to provide the following: Installation records with mileage, rotation records and mileage when tire is removed from the vehicle. The tires must be worn evenly and have 2/32 or less of tread remaining to submit for a mileage warranty. Your paperwork and tire(s) will be inspected and measured. Upon a successful, you will receive a pro-rated credit for the unused mileage of the warranty.

  • Tires-easy Road Hazard Insurance: We offer free road hazard warranty for one year on all passenger and light truck tires purchased from Tires-easy.com. On your receipt there will be road hazard warranty numbers, one per tire. There is also an 800 number to call 24/7 to aid you in tire repair or replacement. The tire agents will walk you through your options. Please keep all receipts and paperwork to turn in for your re-imbursement. Full details of the Tires-easy Road Hazard Warranty can be found by clicking here.

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