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Best Mud Tires for the Street

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Many truck and Jeep owners want their cake and eat it too! We want a beefy off-road looking tire, but without a harsh and noisy ride on the pavement. We rarely, if ever, venture far off paved roads. If we do, we certainly are not getting into situations requiring extreme mud traction to pull us through a deep mud pit. This article is for those of us that have a stock or lifted truck or Jeep, and want mud tires for the street.  These tires don’t give up anything in terms of aggressive cool looks, but have above average on-road drivability and mileage compared to other mud tires.  There is a wide range of prices between the cheapest mud tires for the street, and the most expensive mud tires for the street. For this reason, the following recommendations are broken out into “Good, Better and Best” according to price, so there is an option to fit any budget.

GOOD Mud Tires for the Street – The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire:

The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire is a great looking tire that is surprisingly quiet on the road. Usually M/T tires at the low end of the price spectrum are focused entirely on looks and mud traction, but this tire has features that make it more versatile. For example, the blocks in the tread pattern are off-set with buttressed edges. These two features help reduce noise and increase comfort and handling when driving on paved roads. Comparably priced tires often do not take these on-road performance attributes into consideration the way Achilles has with the Desert Hawk X-MT tire.

In addition to a classic lug tread pattern, the Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire has one of the best looking sidewalls of any mud tires for the street. These are full depth features covering the top part of the sidewall.  Most of the available sizes have the stylized lettering available in outlined white letters on one side, and raised black lettering on the other. No matter which look you like, this Achilles tire has an option at the most affordable price.

BETTER Mud Tires for the Street – Kumho Road Venture M/T KL71 tire

Kumho tire deserves credit for recognizing that many of the mud terrain tires they sell are used almost exclusively on the streets. This was the insight that lead to the creation of the Kumho Road Venture M/T tire . It has the big tread features that Jeep and lifted truck enthusiasts love, but the pattern itself has many elements of high performance car tires. It is a directional tread pattern, so only has one sidewall style option. This tire is a little more refined than other M/T tires in that the upper shoulder features are not quite as exaggerated, (or as functional off-road) as other extreme traction tires from brands like Toyo tires or Nitto tires.

The Kumho Road Venture M/T KL71 does not have a manufacturer’s treadwear warranty. Few mud terrain tires at this price point do, but the tread-wear reviews from Tires-easy customers are excellent.  Many drivers report mileage in the 40,000 to 50,000 mile range if rotations are done frequently. As with any mud terrain tire, frequent rotation is the key to avoid irregular wear, excessive noise, and the need to remove the tires prematurely.

BEST Mud Tires for the Street – The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO Tire

The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO tires have all the traction you need on and off the road, but still provides a quiet and comfortable ride on the street.  What makes this Cooper tire best-in-class is just how smooth it rides on the highway.   There are a lot of added features in this Cooper tire that makes them ideal mud tires for the street. First, the tread pattern is in the shape of wave across the tread. This ensures a smooth entry and exit of the tread features from the area in contact with the road surface. Second, the inner tread ribs are in an alternating 3-2 pattern of scalloped blocks, which provides reduced road noise, and increased stability and handling on wet and dry roads. Third, the “flex groove” between the blocks provides a smoother ride by helping to dampen the impact generated by inconsistencies in the pavement, potholes and gravel. It is the tire of choice for many trades-people and commercial operators that do a lot of highway miles, carry heavy loads, and occasionally need the added off-road traction for job sites or gravel roads.

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is priced below most other major name brand tires so it represents excellent value for the off-road enthusiast, commercial operator or Jeep enthusiast that wants the mud tire look on their daily driver. The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire comes in a full range of stock original equipment light truck sizes as well as the most common plus fitments for lifted trucks and Jeeps up to 37 inches.

Fast and Easy Ordering and Shipping has these, and dozens of other mud tires for the street or for off-roading at great prices. Visit and use the tire selector tool and detailed product descriptions to find the right M/T tire quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.

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