General Grabber X3 Tire

Believe the Hype – The New General Grabber Tire Delivers

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Jeep and four-wheeling enthusiasts know the importance of good tires for maximum fun and mobility on the trails. With the introduction of the General Grabber X3 tire you can go further and get the absolute most out of your off-road rig in almost any terrain. According to General Tire, their newest off-road tire is the result of over 3 years of research and development, and will be the ultimate General Grabber tire for various extreme off-road conditions. The tire is being promoted as the best of all-terrain tires, combined with M/T race tires. Based on the early product reviews by those who have used the General Grabber tire in mud, sand and on rock, it seems the tire is living up to the hype.

The Ultimate General Grabber Tire

General Grabber TireOver the last several years General Tire has made a push to establish itself as a leading off-road tire brand. They revamped most of the General Grabber tire models for SUVs, Crossovers and Light Trucks. They also expanded their sponsorships of major off-road events like the Baja 500, the Mint 400, and the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally, among others. General Tire also made a big impact by introducing stylized red letters on their M/T racing tires. Red letter sidewall tires are now iconic for hardcore enthusiasts, and a badge of authentic off-road capability.  With the new General Grabber X3 tire, weekend warriors can get the same competition levels of strength and traction as off-road racers in a wide range of stock and plus sizes.

Watch the video to learn what the experts from the Overland Adventure Travel Team had to say about the tire.

Features and Benefits of the Newest General Grabber Tire

General Grabber TireThe “X3” in the name stands for the three off-road conditions for which the General Grabber X3 tire is designed – mud, rock and dirt:

  • Mud traction – Large void areas between massive mud blocks that dig deep in loose mud. The General Grabber X3 tire has evacuation channels to aid in mud and debris ejection from between the blocks.
  • Traction on dirt – Tread block chamfers and traction notches in the tread design help to reinforce the tread blocks on hard-pack, and reduce tire spin in loose dirt and sand. This means better traction in various types of all-terrain surfaces. The grooves of the tread also have stone bumpers as added protection against stone drilling on gravel roads and abrasive trails.
  • Durability and grip on rock –  For strength the newest General Grabber tire has three reinforced casing plies. The strong casing and added rubber in the shoulder area of the tire is particularly important in aired down conditions and when crawling over jagged rocks. Product reviewers state that the General Grabber tire easy handles routes strewn with large boulders and jagged edges.

Sizes To Fit Your Vehicle

The General Grabber tire is now available in sizes for 15 inch wheels to 20 inch wheels, and up to 37 inch in overall diameter. carries all the sizes of the Grabber X3 tire at the best possible prices. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by our prices, the ease of ordering and the fast shipping helped Tires-easy win the 2016 Bizrate Platinum Award for the highest levels of customer service. If you love off-roading, and want the very best traction and durability, don’t hesitate to check out the website, or contact Customer Service between 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST for more information and pricing on the new General Grabber X3 tire.

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