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Firestone Tires

Firestone Tires

Firestone is one of the most widely-known brands in the tire industry, and for good reason. The brand offers a wide range of models for all sorts of vehicles and road conditions that reinforce their promise of quality.

Firestone was founded back in 1900. Through creative advertising campaigns and valuable partnerships with brands like Ford and OE Manufacturers, the brand soon became a household name. In 1911, the Firestone tire was featured in the Indianapolis 500 and they were also the original tire supplier for the Model T.  After their merger with Bridgestone Tires, Firestone continued down their path of innovation and now offer an extensive line of products for long-lasting all-season tires, performance, SUVs, LT tires, and winter driving.

Passenger Tires

All of Firestone’s designs are created to offer a comfortable ride with superior handling in any type of weather. According to the Firestone Tire reviews, their most popular models are top picks for drivers due to long-lasting durability and reliability.

  • Firestone FR710: A great all-season pick that offers a smooth, quiet ride with good control and handling all year round. The wide flow grooves and deep shoulders offer great traction on wet and dry roads for secure handling. The wide footprint also evenly distributes the weight of the vehicle, promoting a longer tire life at a great value. Plus, this model also features Firestone’s Long Link Carbon to increase its durability against impact and abrasions.
  • Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter: As the best fuel economy for all tires in its class, the Champion Fuel Fighter is a great value for passenger vehicles, as well as light trucks and SUVs. This model offers all-season driving along with a great 70,000-mile Firestone tire warranty. The light weight design of these tires, along with the lower rolling resistance tread compounds, makes them highly fuel efficient, with up to 1% better fuel economy compared to similar models.
  • Firestone Precision Touring is designed for economy coupes and sedans. Perhaps the biggest perk of this model is it comes with a 70,000-mile tire warranty in most sizes, but it will probably last you longer than that. The performance handling this model offers is also one of the best in its class, making it a great all-around choice for passenger vehicles.

  • Firestone Firehawk has been a popular name in the racing industry for years, but the Firehawk Indy 500 model brings the speed and superior handling of sports tires to the everyday passenger vehicle. This tire uses Firestone’s Pulse Groove Technology to improve water propulsion and reduce hydroplaning and slipping on the slickest of roads. Plus, its wet rubber compounds and tread design provide a 20% shorter stopping distance, along with computer-modeled performance treads that offer superior handling. Other features like the stiff sidewalls and reinforcements built throughout make this tire just as tough and long-lasting as any other model.

  • Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval A/S is the all-season version of the popular Firehawk line that fits anything from a small sporty coupe to a luxury SUV. The special tread compound provides a safe ride on wet and dry roads - as its extra wide tread grooves efficiently push out water for superior traction.
  • Firestone Wide Oval Indy 500 is a well-known design for muscle cars and vintage vehicles, and is the modern state-of-the-art update on the classic 1960 Wide Oval Sup-R-Belt design. Classic muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevy Camero often feature this tire. It can withstand strong horsepower and torque, while the vintage look fits well with the overall aesthetic. But this tire not only provides an attractive style; the long mileage life and responsive handling features also make it a top pick for car enthusiasts.


Truck Tires

The light truck tires from Firestone use a unique polyester and steel casing combination for extra durability. This means that these tires can withstand heavy loads without losing their shape or grip.

  • Firestone Transforce HT is a great all-season tire for light trucks that offers long-lasting durability for towing. This model has extra steel belts for additional reinforcement, making it a top pick for commercial vehicles that need heavy load carrying capabilities.

  • Firestone Transforce AT offers all-terrain traction for on and off-road jobs. The strong casing can handle gravel, dirt, and muddy roads while its high modulus tread compounds resist wear and tear in tough driving conditions. Its aggressive open tread pattern also provides strong grip in wet and slick conditions.

  • Firestone Destination LE and Firestone Destination LE2 are great options for highway and light all-terrain driving for both commercial and utility vehicles. These offer an exceptionally smooth ride due to flexible sidewalls that equate to a durable tire that can be used for everyday driving.

Winter Tires

Firestone winter tires can handle even the most extreme cold temperatures without getting stiff or cracking, which means that they offer superior traction during the cold months. Since these tires stay more pliable in the cold, it creates a better grip for traction in ice and snow - making Firestone’s Winterforce line a top choice for winter tires.

  • Firestone Winterforce offers passenger vehicles, coupes, and sedans a safe ride on slippery road conditions. The special tread pattern and rubber compound is made for traction on snow, slush, ice, and cold roads. The Winterforce line also makes for a great mud tire, since its traction and tread blocks provide an excellent grip that won’t slide.

  • Firestone Winterforce LT: This tire offers great traction and durable tread patterns, but comes with large reinforced siding for extra load carrying and a stronger sidewall.

  • Firestone Winterforce UV tires come in T-rated sizes for luxury crossovers and H-rated sizes for performance utility vehicles. These heavy-duty winter tires are pinned for studs for better traction in deep snow and ice-covered roads.

Agricultural Tires

Firestone also offers a wide array of tires for agricultural vehicles, as they were the first to invent the pneumatic (air filled) tractor tire back in 1932. Each tire model undergoes thorough testing before it is placed on the market to ensure that it can withstand extensive wear and tear.

Firestone’s most popular tractor tire model is the R1 rear tire, which is renowned for its dependability and durability.

  • Firestone Super All Traction R-1 Firestone Super All Traction II 23° tractor tires are made for 2WD and 4 WD farm tractors, as well as mechanical front wheel drive combines. This model fits well with popular tractor brands, including John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland. These tires are designed for low soil compaction with a tread construction that allows for uniform wear and weight distribution. Firestone tractor tires have a long-lasting rubber compound to resist cracking and wear, while its tread and construction reduce tire vibration for a smoother ride.

  • Firestone Champion Spade Grip: has a unique45° tread pattern for superior traction in deep mud and soft soil, making it a top pick for conditions like sugar cane fields and rice paddies. The curved tread cleans off mud and dirt with each rotation to provide traction and strength even in deep wet soil.

The Firestone brand has been around for a long time for a reason: their products offer superior quality at a great value. Whether you need an everyday all-weather tire for your sedan or a tough commercial grade towing tire for heavy lifting, Firestone Tires has you covered. Tires-Easy’s online Firestone Tire store offers a large variety of tires for sale at reasonable prices. Be sure to check out our inventory so you can find the exact model that provides the safety, durability, and driving experience you’re looking for.

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