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General Tires started in the United States in the early 20th century. At the time General Tire entered the tire business there were more than 300 companies making tires. Originally, General Tire decided to pass up the original equipment market and to produce only premium replacement tires. The first was called the oversized General Jumbo, and was considered an industry standard for many years. The manufacturer went on to build heavy duty truck tires and expanded their factories. During WWII, there was a shortage of tires to equip military vehicles, and General dedicated an entire plant in Waco, Texas to support the war effort. In the 50s, General started supplying original equipment tires to the likes of Ford, GM, and International Harvester. In 1987, General Tire was acquired by Continental AG of Hanover, Germany.

Over the years, the quality of General tires has benefited from the association with Continental, as well as from the German's global distribution network. Today, General Tires are exported around the world, for both replacement and OE passenger vehicle and heavy truck tire markets. They have expanded their tire lines to include the following types of tires:

      Sport performance tires - Great handling and responsive feedback in the G-MAX AS-03 and Grabber UHP

      Passenger car and minivan tires - Long wear and excellent mileage warranties in the AltiMAX RT tire, G-MAX AS-03, & Grabber HTS

      Light truck and SUV tires -  The full spectrum of extreme off-road to smooth riding highway tires in the Grabber M/T tire, Grabber AT2, Grabber HTS, and Grabber UHP

      Excellent Winter tires - Safety in the worst conditions with the AltiMAX Artic and Grabber Arctic LT

      Strong Commercial tires -  Steer, drive and trailer tires for Class A Trucks - General HS, General HD, General HT and others....   see tire selector and specific style descriptions below for your specific commercial application

No matter what your vehicle or tire need, there is a General Tire from Tires-Easy ready for quick and accurate shipping.  Take a moment to look over all of the General Tires that we have for sale and find the model that is perfect for you.

Grabber X3

The General Grabber X3 tire was designed with the serious off-roader in mind. The latest generation Grabber are Baja racing inspired and competition driver tested. These tires have been run hard, in the harshest conditions so you know they will deliver on slick rock, rutted tracks or in mixed all-terrain conditions including mud. All light truck sizes of General Grabber X3 tires have a load range "E", or 10-ply sidewalls for extra durability. The floatation sizes are equally strong and reinforced. The Grabber X3 tire comes in red lettered sidewalls (RL) or black lettered sidewalls (BSW), depending on the tire size. Please look for RL (or RED Letter) in the sidewall specifications of your specific size.   Beside the red letter styling in certain sizes, the General Grabber X3 tire is loaded with the following features:

  • Sidewall Protection - Objects effortlessly ricochet away thanks to a unique series of deflection ribs designed to protect penetration into the sidewall.
  • Duragen ™ Technology - Race-approved durability and puncture resistance achieved by three-ply construction
  • Large, flat footprint - ultra high-strength steel belts under the tread.
  • Wear resistant rubber compounds - provide the highest level of cut and chip resistance.
  • Stone Bumpers - Bumpers help keep debris and stones out of the deep, large grooves and protect the groove bottom from stone drilling.
  • Open Tread Design - The large tread blocks and open pattern provides excellent traction in sand, gravel, dirt and mud.

This is an excellent tire for off-road competition or the weekend warrior that wants the very best in off-road traction. All sizes available for fast and accurate shipping, at the lowest prices possible.

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