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Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek was a legendary off-road racing pioneer of the 1950s and 1960s.  He realized early in his racing career that tires were one of the most critical components of his race vehicle.   After years of frustration associated with using standard truck tires for extreme off-road racing, Dick decided to start his own tire brand where he had control over the construction and design of the tires.   In 1963 the Dick Cepek tire company was founded in his garage, and today, Dick Cepek Off-road Tires for Jeeps, rock-crawlers, trucks, ATVs and UTVs have a large a loyal following of hard-care enthusiasts.

Dick Cepek tires provide the durability and functionality to explore the toughest terrain. The Fun Country is a versatile all-terrain tire for light trucks and 4x4s. The Fun Country is designed with:

      Side-biters in the upper shoulder of the tire for increased grip and tire protection in soft terrain.

      A new compound that will increase the wear-life of the tire on the highway.

      Computer optimized pitch sequence for less noise on the highway.

      Specially designed off-set tread grooves that evacuate loose dirt easily.

The Mud Country is a popular choice for its cool look, and traction in deep mud or soft terrains and snow. The Mud Country is designed with:

      Side-biters in the upper shoulder of the tire for increased traction and protection against flats

      Flat and wide crown of the tire for more rubber on the road or to wrap around obstacles in aired-down situations.

      Massive tread blocks that are designed to self-clean.

      Cross-ply technology for a smoother ride, but with excellent casing strength.

The Crusher is an extreme terrain tire for trucks and 4x4s. The Crusher has many of the same features as the M/T, but is even more reinforced:

      Self-cleaning high-void tread lugs that possess that will easily allow the vehicle to easily navigate through mud or snow.

      6-Ply overlay under the tread to prevent puncture on tough terrain.

      3-Ply sidewalls that will increase sidewall durability.

      Wide foot print to increase contact area with obstacles, particularly when aired-down.

      Superior load capability that will allow the off-roader to carry / tow heavier loads.

Tires Easy is dedicated to providing off-road drivers the tires they need to set off on their next adventure. Use the tire finder, or feel free to contact our customer service associates if you have any questions about getting the right Dick Cepek tire for your Jeep, SUV, 4X4 of ATV.

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