Ohtsu Tires

Ohtsu is an associate brand of Falken Tire. It is a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing and supplying tires to drivers all over the world for more than 30 years. All Ohtsu tires are economically priced but with good quality. We carry the four main lines for passenger vehicles:

      ST5000: all-season touring tire

      FP7000: high performance all-season tire

      FP8000: high mileage summer touring tire for coupes and sedans

      AT4000: a robust all-terrain / highway tire for SUVs, pickups and Jeeps

Our best selling Ohtsu tire is the AT4000 tire. These tires are designed with large tread blocks that are heavily siped for off-road traction in loose gravel, sand, and mud, but also the biting edges for grip on wet, snow and ice covered highways.

Like the AT4000, the other Ohtsu tires come with features appropriate for the application. See the tire categories below for more details about the specific Ohtsu tire, or enter your tire size directly on the left to quickly see if there is an Ohtsu option for your vehicle.

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