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Wild Spirit

Wild Spirit Tires is a private brand imported to the United States and Canada by the largest wholesale distributor in North America. The line is made up of inexpensive SUV tires, Light Truck tires, Commercial Van tires, and tires for Crossovers. The low cost is thanks to massive production quantities in large efficient factories in China, but never at the expense of product quality and safety. All the performance attributes of the Wild Spirit tires are specified by the importer, and correspond to the needs, and high quality standards of North American regulations, road conditions, intended vehicle fitment, and consumer product performance expectations. The followiing tire styles are in stock and available for immediate order:

      Wild Spirit Sport HXT tire - for crossover vehicles and luxury SUVs

      Wild Spirit Sport HT tire - a quiet smooth riding economy light truck tire for the highway

      Wild Spirit Radial AT/S tire - balanced all-season & all-terrain tire for light trucks, SUVs and CUVs

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