Zeetex Tires

The Zeetex Tire brand is owned by ZAFCO, a company based in Dubai, U.A.E. that specializes in the international distribution of tires. Since 2005, they have been sourcing cheap tires from various manufacturing facilities, and importing them to North America under the Zeetex Tire brand name.

Zeetex tires are sold around the world, and ZAFCO works diligently with the factories to ensure 100% of their tires are compliant with the product quality, safety and environmental requirements of each country. In addition to these high product quality standards, the company is focused on building brand awareness through an extensive distribution network (NA sales office is in Miami, FL), and various motorsports sponsorships in different parts of the world.

You can easily find if Zeetex has a tire for your specific vehicle by entering your tire size in the selector on the right.

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