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Nitto Tires

Nitto Tires has been manufacturing and producing tires in Japan for a wide range of vehicles for more than 60 years.  Nitto Tires prides themselves in being able to identify emerging trends in the automotive and tire markets, and quickly respond with innovative products to "surprise and delight vehicle owners around the world".

Nitto’s wide selection of tire sizes, variety of tread patterns and attention to design and look sets them apart from most other tire manufacturers on the market today.  Nitto's light truck tires in particular are considered by most enthusiasts to be the benchmark for styling.  With big, aggressive knobs on the side of the tire, and attention grapping moulding on the sidewall, Jeep owners in particular gravity to this brand because it has the right look for their vehicle.

Tires-Easy carries the complete range of Nitto products, that can be grouped into the following classifications of tire types:

      Trail Terrain Light Truck Tires

      Desert Terrain Light Truck Tires

      All Season Truck & SUV Tires

      High Performance All-season Tires

      Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

The Terra Grappler is one of our best selling all-terrain light truck tires.  In addition to the innovative styling, these tires will get you through even the most demanding of off-road conditions.  From mud, to loose sand and harsh dry rocky trails, the Terra Grappler won't let you down.  It has large interlocking blocks in the tread and reinforced sidewalls to protect from hazards.  Nitto has also gone to great lengths to create coupling joints between the tread blocks to reduce excessive flex and provide better traction and steering when you are on the highway.  Each Terra Grappler is made with state-of-the-art siping which aides in resisting hydroplaning, far beyond what you might expect for a tire designed mainly for off-road use.

Nitto’s flagship M/T is the Mud Grappler.  These tires are designed with aggressive sidewall lugs that actually work with the traction bars in the crown of the tire to provide more pulling power in really deep mud. Even if you don't off-road on a regular basis, but want to make a statement, these Nitto mud tires simply have the coolest, most aggressive sidewall designs available that enhance the look of any stock or lifted truck.  

While it looks great cleaned up on the highway or city streets, the Nitto Mud Grappler is also your go-to tire for the best in puncture resistance and off-road traction.   With three ply polyester sidewall construction and the best in class steel belt strength, you will never have to worry about puncturing these tires when you are traversing even the most challenging of terrains. 

So whether you are in the market for an authentic all-terrain tire or looking for the best in mud tires, Nitto Tires has you covered.  Together, with Tires Easy, you have a vast selection at your fingertips. Take a look at our selection of Nitto Tires today!

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