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Tires-Easy Offers Free, 1 Year, Tire Road Hazard Warranty

Tires-Easy is happy to provide our customers with Free Road Hazard Protection for passenger and light truck tires! Below is a summary of the coverage, however full coverage details and documentation are in the Road Hazard Warranty Document.

What is road hazard damage?

Road hazard damage occurs when a tire fails as a result of a puncture, bruise, or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving, on a road maintained by state or local authority. Nails, glass and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards that can cause damage to your tire.

What is the benefit of having road hazard coverage?

The coverage provides reimbursement for flat tire changing assistance, flat tire repair and/or tire replacement, up to the original purchase price of the tire, or the replacement tire price, whichever is less. Not to exceed a maximum of $299.00 (“Benefit Limit”) during the Coverage Term, when an eligible tire is damaged by a road hazard. Additional charges including, but not limited to, mounting, balancing, taxes, shop supplies, and miscellaneous fees are not reimbursable.

What are the limitations to road hazard coverage?

● Under no circumstances will the eligible reimbursement amount exceed the Benefit Limit.

● Program Administrator reserves the right to limit reimbursement to the generally accepted retail replacement costs.

● You must pay for all charges incurred for service, repair, and/or replacement and submit a claim for reimbursement of eligible expenses.

● If the eligible tire cannot be repaired, the tire servicing facility must contact the Administrator at 877-216-4442 for prior authorization and to obtain a claim number (not required for a flat tire repair). Prior authorization & a claim number must be obtained before replacing the damaged tire or your claim may be denied.

● To submit a claim, you must present your original invoice showing the purchase of the tire from, and provide the road hazard warranty numbers provided on your original invoice, when the tires were purchased.

● You must follow the instructions to submit your claim in order to ensure your claim is eligible.

Is Road Hazard Coverage Really Free?

YES! Tires-easy is paying for your initial road hazard protection on passenger and light truck tires purchased through the Tires-easy website. 

Where do I submit my Road Hazard Claim?

Submit road hazard claims by fax to 1-866-449-3239, by email to or by postal mail to: Flat Tire Change Reimbursement, P.O. Box 17599, Golden, CO 80402.

You must submit a copy of the following documents with your request for reimbursement: (i) a copy of your original invoice showing the purchase of the tires, and (ii)a copy of your signed repair or replacement invoice to the Program Administrator. The repair/replacement invoice must include: (i) the name and address of the tire servicing facility from which you purchase the tire repair or replacement tire, (ii) your full name and address (iii) the brand, type, size and purchase price of the replacement tire, and (iv)your vehicle year, make & model (not required for replacement tires purchased from

For full details of the Road Hazard Warranty Click Here