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Continental Tires

Continental Tires

Continental is one of the most respected names in the tire industry. It is often used by high-performance vehicles, thanks to the company’s ongoing commitment to quality. This German tire brand is trusted by drivers of just about every type of vehicle from high end sports cars to motorcycles. Continental tires also offers tires for SUVs, light trucks, and crossovers.

The brand is especially known for creating specified tires for luxury brands that offer a significant performance improvement. High-end sports cars and European brands like BMW and Mercedes have collaborated with Continental in the past to offer their customers a premier driving experience.

No matter what kind of car you have, you are sure to find a top-quality fit from Continental at reasonable tire prices.  

Passenger Car Tires

The Continental TrueContact Tires offer an all-season top performance ride for sedans and passenger vehicles. According to the customer reviews of Continental Tires, the TrueContact line offers superior grip and control while still providing a smooth, quiet ride. Some of the most popular styles include the PureContact, ExtremeContact DWS, and the SportContact. During the winter months, the WinterContact SI and Extreme WinterContact are some of the best products Continental has to offer.

The three most popular models from the TrueContact line all offer unique benefits depending on the driving experience you are looking for. These include:

  • Continental ExtremeContact DWS06: This ultra-high performance tire has sizes suitable for passenger vehicles, sports vehicles, and light trucks. Its unique tread pattern is designed to offer superior traction in both dry and wet conditions (including snow) while offering stability and a smooth ride no matter what.
  • Continental ContiProContact Tires: This all-season tire model is designed to offer the same superior driving experience that is expected from Continental, while maximizing fuel efficiency. The unique polymer blend in the tire rubber provides a stronger grip on wet roads while simultaneously lowering resistance for higher fuel efficiency and a longer treadwear life.
  • Continental ProContact TX Tires: This model is specially designed for the ultimate driving experience, particularly for sports vehicles. The strong grip offers outstanding handling and control, while the stout sidewall casings ensure a supported shape during tight turns and high speeds.
Light Truck and SUV Tires

Continental Tires offers the CrossContact line for light trucks and SUVs for the same riding experience that is expected from high-end vehicles. This line is designed with extreme versatility for both handling and strength. The Conti4X4Sport is ideal for those who have an SUV or Crossover, yet want the smooth ride of a touring sedan. Continental truck tires are enforced with deeper, long-lasting tread patterns for stronger grip on all road conditions and are designed to handle heavy carrying weights. For drivers in colder climates, the Continental Extreme Winter Contact is ideal for SUVs and pickup trucks that need traction on snow and ice.

Commercial Tires

The ContiVancoFourSeason tire line from Continental Tires is made specifically for commercial vans and marge vehicles. It is designed to reduce rollovers and improve driving experiences, regardless of the road conditions. Most tire sizes listed are Runflat, which means they have deeper, stronger tire sidewalls to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, they will resist losing air immediately after a puncture. The description and data on each size will indicate the Runflat capability.

The luxurious reputation tied to the Continental brand did not happen by accident. Excellent performance in a wide range of climates makes these tires worth every penny. With the undying commitment to innovation and support of high-end vehicles, Continental is a go-to brand for those who value quality and durability.

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