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Continental Tires

Continental Tires

Continental is a premium tire brand that comes original equipment on some of the most prestigious vehicles and high performance motorcycles in the world.  Continental is a German company that is known for many innovations, particularly in the area of matching the ride characteristics of a tire to the unique characteristics of a specific vehicle.  This is very important for high end sports cars and European luxury sedans like BMW and Mercedes, to ensure the best possible ride and performance of the vehicle overall.  Continental Tires' expertise in this area comes from many years of collaboration with the German vehicle manufacturers.  This experience carries over to the replacement tire market for regular compact and economy cars, SUV tires, Light Truck tires, tires for high end sports cars, as well as motorcycle tires.

We have stock in all the sizes that came fitted original equipment on your vehicle or motorcycle, as well as all the replacement tire styles. You will find the following types of tires from Continental here on Tires Easy:

Passenger Car Tires

Continental has all-season and summer performance tires and regular passenger car tires.   The most popular tire styles are the PureContact, ExtremeContact DWS, and the SportContact.  We put together a quick quide for help in deciding which high performance Continental tire is best for you. For winter tires, Continental has the WinterContact SI and the Extreme WinterContact.

Light Truck and SUV Tires

For LT tires and SUV tires, Continental has quality tires like the CrossContact. It is a very versatile tire that combines sport handling with light truck carrying capacity and strength. The Conti4X4Sport tire is another popular choice for anyone looking for a Touring sedan-like ride for their SUV or Crossover, but with deeper tread and longer tire-life than your typical passenger car tire.  The Continental Extreme Winter Contact is an excellent ice and snow tire for SUV and Pick-up truck owners that live in cold climates, and want maximum safety and traction on ice or snow covered roads, or even on cold dry roads in the winter months.

Commercial Tires

Commercial Vans need robust and fuel efficient tires. The ContiVancoFourSeason line is a long-lasting, low rolling resistant, and strong tire in all-season, summer, and winter tread patterns to keep your business on the road at the lowest possible cost.

Many of the vehicle tire styles listed above have sizes that are Runflat. These are tires with a thick sidewall and special construction to withstand the weight of the vehicle for a short period of time in the event of air lose due to a puncture or tire failure of some type.  The description and data for each specific size will indicate if that size has Runflat cabability.

Motorcycle Tires

Continental Tires has a large assortment of Motorcycle Tires, Scooter Tires and Moped Tires.  There are racing tires, supermoto tires, sport touring, enduro and off-road motocross tires.   All the premium radial motorcycle tires are built by hand at Continental's  Korbach, Germany factory. This means every tire is built to the highest european engineering quality standards, and provides you the peace of mind for the most enjoyable riding experience possible.  

To find the right Continental tire for your needs, browse our catalog today. Whether you need to replace a pair of the original equipment tires on your daily commuter economy compact car, your sport bike, or want to upgrade the performance of your ultra high performance sports car, Tires-Easy will have the lowest Continental tire prices you will find anywhere. 

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