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Falken Tires

Falken Tires

Falken Tire Corporation began in 1983 in Japan, and was introduced to North America two years later. The company began with a focus on high performance tires, and has expanded those beginnings to become well known for good value touring all-season tires and light truck tires. Falken has utilized the experience and knowledge it has gained from professional motorsports in their product development. The excellent tire properties of the Falken Tires, which are intensely tested in American Le Mans, Formula Drift, and other race series, are now available in the tires for your everyday commuter car or work truck. Learn more about how Falken Tire uses its participation in motorsports to improve tires for consumers.  

Falken High-Performance Tires

High performance tires for the street is the main beneficiary of Falken's racing experience and research. Falken Azenis HP tires offer excellent driving properties and optimum vehicle control at any speed and on any street surface. The rubber mixture, perfected for racing, not only promotes sport driving, but also reduces the risk of aquaplaning. The profile's design and structure provide immediate response to steering input, and quick lane changes.

Falken Light Truck Tires for Pick-up Trucks and Vans

The Falken Wildpeak AT is the truck driver’s preference in the Falken line of Light Truck tires. Dynamic and rugged, providing max traction for pick up trucks and jeeps, or for any vehicle that ventures off road. Falken has a full range of Wildpeak tires in very attractive, sporty tread patterns and side wall designs.

Passenger Car Tires

Falken All-Season quality Passenger Car Tires are engineered to provide a quiet, comfortable ride with superior handling and control for today's leading touring coupes and sedans. Check out the Sincera touring all-season tire if you have a regular sedan, or economy car. For the Winter, Falken can safety set you up on the Falken Eurowinter HS449 or the Falken Espia EPZ II for ultimate grip on ice, snow, or cold dry road surfaces.

Highway SUV and Crossover Tires

A very popular option for SUVs and CUVs is the Falken Wildpeak H/T. This tire has a long-lasting highway tread pattern and good all-season capabiities. Like the rest of the Falken Wildpeak family of light truck tires, it has a reinforced casing for strength.  There is likely a  Wildpeak H/T that fits your vehicle, but Falken has other options as well.  The Sincera Touring SN211 offers a car-like touring ride and is available in SUV tire sizes. The Falken Ziex S/TZ05 has more of a sporty high performance handling orientation. No matter what you drive, or the roads you travel, there is a good priced Falken Tire available here.

Commercial Tires for Light Trucks and Class A Trucks

Falken produces several lines of tough, workhorse type tires for pick ups.  For commercial vans and work trucks the Falken RI tire is heavily reinforced.  The Falken BI-877 has an open shoulder for more all-terrain traction for Class A vehicles in the most popular 19.5 inch sizes.  Even for fleets with National Account pricing, Falken Tires from Tires-Easy can be very competitively priced to keep your costs in check.

No matter if you are in the market for a versatile, all-season touring tire for your car, an all-terrain, M/T, or winter tire for your truck or SUV, or even commercial tires, Falken has you covered with a number of different tire options. Take a moment to find out just how cheap a set of Falken Tires from Tires-Easy can be!

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