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Kumho Tires

Kumho Tires

Kumho Tires, a Korean tire manufacturer, is world-renowned for offering high-quality replacement and original tires for both passenger cars and SUVs. Their brand falls under the Kumho Asiana Group, which also includes Asiana Airlines. This association allows the brand to offer the most cutting edge tire technology, quality materials, and advanced designs.

The exterior of Kumho tires is designed specifically for superior water dispersion for all-weather driving. The functional, yet attractive tread pattern expels water to provide a better grip on slick roads, reduce hydroplaning, and even offer rolling resistance. The interior of Kumho tires has reinforced sidewalls and high tensile steel belts for superior durability against wear and punctures. Kumho tires are also designed for low heat generation to promote a longer tire life. Kumho tires prices fall in the mid-tier category, making them an excellent value for a long-lasting quality tire.

There are plenty of options for different vehicles and driving experiences within the Kumho tire brand.

  • Kumho Road Venture: This line of Kumho truck tires comes in a variety of styles and models for all kinds of driving requirements. The M/T design is made for even the harshest off-roading conditions, including rocky terrain, sand, and mud. The Kumho All-Terrain tire line has a slightly less aggressive tread design for a smoother highway ride that can still handle light off-roading. Other Road Venture tire designs are made specifically for highway driving and support a quiet, comfortable ride. The long-lasting tread wear of these tires make them good for city streets, too.

  • Kumho Solus: The Solus model is Kumho’s passenger vehicle line that offers superior handling and durability for all-season and summer performance driving. The Kumho Solus TA71 is one of the most popular models because it offers great grip on slippery wet roads. It can even handle light snow for an all-season ride.

  • Kumho Ecsta: The Ecsta line is Kumho’s ultra-high performance tire that is perfect for luxury vehicles and sports cars because of its excellent handling ability. The Ecsta tire design features advanced rubber compounds for better gripping at high speeds. The Kumho Ecsta PA31offers superior performance handling for mid-level sports cars, coupes, and high-performance sedans. Its special tread pattern is designed for an even wear for a longer-lasting tire in all seasons. TheKumho Ecsta PS31 is designed for higher durability with reinforced tread for strong grip in wet conditions and improved responsiveness for handling and braking.

  • Kumho Crugen: Kumho’s SUV and light truck tire line can handle heavier towing capacities without compromising on grip or driving comfort. TheKumho Crugen HT51 tops the list as an all-season tire that comes in P-metric and heavy-duty LT sizing for tough towing.

Tires Easy is proud to offer a wide variety of Kumho tires for sale, all at reasonable prices for such a high-value tire. You can also take a look at the Kumho tire reviews on our website to see what other satisfied customers have to say about this great brand. Be sure to reach out to our friendly customer service staff to help you find the best fit for your vehicle.

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