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General Tires

General Tires

While the General Tire brand is relatively new in the United States, the business is actually a combination of over 300 tire manufacturing companies. At first, General Tire just stuck to creating premium replacement tires and sold the oversized General Jumbo tire for industrial vehicles. During WWII, there was a shortage of military vehicle tires, so General created an entire plant solely dedicated to creating these types of tires. In the 20th century, General started to expand their line to provide equipment tires to Ford, GM, and International Harvester.

In 1987, the brand was acquired by the German Continental AG company to expand its global reach. Thanks to this partnership, the quality of General Tire has improved and they now sell their replacement tires, OE passenger tires, and heavy-duty truck tires all over the world.

These days, the General Tire brand has expanded to offer multiple styles of tires for everything from passenger cars to SUVs to large Class A trucks.

Some of the most common types of General Tires for sale today are:

Sport Performance Tires

These tires offer superior handling and great response feedback for quick turns and high speeds. The G-Max AS-03 and the Grabber UHP are two of their most popular types - thanks to their sporty design.

Passenger Car and Minivan Tires

This tire brand offers a wide array of passenger vehicle tires that support a smooth drive. The General AltiMAX RT43 is a great all-season tire that features unique technology for an even better ride. The visual alignment indicators alert the driver about misalignment issues. Its low surface abrasion technology extends the life of the tire and offers better traction on wet roads. The G-MAX AS-03 and the Grabber HTS are excellent all-season options that offer responsive handling to support a smooth and safe ride.

Light Truck and SUV Tires

General Tire offers a large variety of options for everything from mud tires for extreme off-roading to smooth highway models for larger vehicles. If you’re looking for an all-terrain tire that can handle whatever comes in its path, the General Grabber AT2 Tire is a great choice. Its double tread pattern is designed for increased grip while also ensuring a long tread life that is quiet and smooth on highways. The General Grabber X3 Tiresare made for some serious off-roading and can handle dirt and mud with ease. The 10-ply sidewalls ensure strong durability and the thick tracks provide great traction even in slippery conditions. Other popular options include the Grabber M/T, Grabber AT2, Grabber HTS, and the Grabber UHP.

Winter Tires

General snow tires are made to handle the harshest winter conditions without losing control or grip on snow and ice. The AltiMAX Arctic and the Grabber Arctic LTare two great options for winter weather driving. Each offers incredible handling capability with increased traction on slick roads.

Commercial Vehicle Tires

General truck tires are designed to handle the hardest of workloads for commercial trailers and Class A trucks. The General HS, General HD and General HT styles are all reinforced with high-performance technology to provide good grip and long-lasting tread for Class A vehicles. Check out Tires Easy’s tire selector to find the right fit for your specific commercial vehicle.

We have a great variety of General Tires for sale to fit your commercial and passenger vehicle needs. You can find the right fit for your vehicle with our tire selector tool and even check out the General Tires reviews to help you determine the line and model that’s right for you.

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