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Antares Tires

Antares Tires

Antares Tires is distributed by Horizon Tire, who has been specifying and importing good cheap tires to the U.S. and Canada for over 10 years. The North American based design team works with the Antares quality control engineers at the manufacturing plants in Qingdao, China to deliver the best quality tires at the most affordable prices.

Antares has quality discount tires such as:

  • Antares Comfort A5 tire is a long-lasting highway tire for light trucks, SUV’s and CUV’s that delivers a comfortable, quiet ride.
  • Antares Deep Digger tire is a mud tire for pick up trucks and Jeeps with the look, off-road traction and durability truck owners need when off-roading
  • Antares Majoris M5 tire has a special tread design and rubber compound optimized for high performance driving
  • Antares Ingens A1 tire is a long-lasting performance tire for touring sedans and sports cars. These tires blend long tread-life with the highest levels of wet and dry grip in acceleration and braking.

If you look at the reviews, you’ll see that Antares Tires is among the top of the industry. The Antares Tires manufacturer works with experts from all over the world to ensure customers don’t have to sacrifice results for an affordable rate.

By entering your tire size into the search box above, you can see all the Antares tire options and the price points to match your budget. Shop today to find low prices and fast shipping options!

Popular Tires

Antares Tires Comfort A5: This versatile, all-season tire is ideal for comfortable highway driving in SUVs, Crossovers, and light duty pickup trucks. The tire is designed to deliver good mileage and traction at an affordable price.

Antares Ingens A1: This tire is designed with an exceptional UTQC, which translates to good traction and mileage at an affordable price. As a versatile all-season tire, the tread compound is built to grip well in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.

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