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Continental WinterContact TS 810 S Tires

Continental WinterContact TS 810 S
Continental Continental Tires
Continental Tires

The Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 S is a high performance winter tire designed for excellent handling and traction on wet, snow and ice covered roads.

The ContiWinterContact TS 810 S tire features stiff shoulder blocks for advanced cornering stability.  It also has circumferential ribs in the center that are similar to summer tires that deliver shorter braking distance on cold dry road conditions. The sipes, or cuts in the tread blocks, are wider, with sipe spacers on the inside of the sipe to keep the sipes open when passing through the ground contact area making the sipe fill up with more snow or water.  This dramatically improves the traction of the tire and gives more grip in winter road conditions.

The Continental ContiWinterContact RS 810 S mets the Rubber Manufacturer's of America, and the Tire &Rubber Association of Canada's Severe Snow Service requirements, and most sizes are branded with the Industry's mountain/snowflake symbol.

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