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Cooper Discoverer A/TW Tires

Cooper Discoverer A/TW
Cooper Cooper Tires
Cooper Tires

The Cooper Discoverer ATW tire is a year round all-weather, on and off-road light truck tire that carries the RMA Severe Snow rating for trucks and SUVs. The tire is able to exceed the RMA's strict standards for traction on ice and snow while still delivering long mileage.  This is thanks to advanced compound technology and design innovations.  For example, the Cooper Discoverer ATW will last in the heat of summer and in off-road conditions since the tread design is optimized to expel rocks and stones from the asymmetrical dual-draft groove angles.  These angled grooves and large tread blocks provide traction in loose terrain material like mud and sand surfaces, as well as snow because the material is always evacuated from between the blocks. The tread rubber is a blend of winter compounds and more durable all-season compounds that allows you to keep the tire on the vehicle all year round.  

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