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Cooper Weather-Master S/T2 Tires

Cooper Weather-Master S/T2
Cooper Cooper Tires
Cooper Tires

The Cooper Weather-Master S/T2 tire is a premium studdable winter tire designed for safety and long tread-life on all makes of cars, trucks, SUVs and CUVs. The dense sipe pattern and unique 3-dimensional shape of the sipe itself is the key to this tire's balanced winter performance. It provides excellent wet traction in rain, snow and ice and on cold highways when not studded.  With studs, this tire gives exceptional traction on snow and ice. Studs are suited for those that will use this tire only in the winter, and spend most of the winter season on packed snow and ice. On wet and dry roads, the Weather-Master S/T2 (un-studded) provides all the grip you need thanks in part to the tri-polymer blend tread compound specially formulated for excellent winter traction while maintaining wet and dry performance and long treadwear.

This tire comes with Cooper Tire's innovative Wear Square technology, helping you recognize when the tire is due to be replaced via an indicator molded right into the tread of the tire that evolves as the tread wears. When the square disappears completely, your tires are due to be replaced.

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