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Falken Eurowinter HS-439 Tires

Falken Eurowinter HS-439
Falken Falken Tires
Falken Tires

The Falken Eurowinter HS-439 tire is a winter performance tire for sedans, wagons and performance coupes with traction and control in poor weather conditions. It has a unique UHP-inspired asymmetric tread pattern and internal belt construction that provides high speed stability and exceptional performance. It easily evacuates water, packed snow and slush from the tread pattern in adverse conditions.

The Falken Eurowinter HS-439 is also designed to have a large contact patch  with the road surface. This brings hundreds of multi-angled sipes into contact with the road at any one time for enhanced hold in snow and ice. The new silica compound guarantees tread flexibility and performance across multiple temperature ranges while you benefit from long tread life of the tire.

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