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Federal Couragia A/T Tires

Federal Couragia A/T
Federal Federal Tires
Federal Tires

The Federal Couragia A/T tire is a balanced on and off-road all-terrain tire that provides long mileage and a quiet, comfortable ride, along with rugged looks and good traction off-road.  This tire boasts Federal tire's latest silica tread compound and tread pattern design and technology. The Couragia A/T performs and handles superbly at high speeds, disperses and channels water with utmost efficiency, delivering exceptional safety on all-terrains thanks to the following features:

      Wide-angled lateral grooves which enhance on- and off-road traction

      Widened multi-angled zig-zag sipes for better water dispersion

      Newly designed zig-zag intersecting sipes for better performance on mud and snow covered roads

      Angled pattern prevents mud, snow and dirt from packing in the tread

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