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Fulda Tires

The Fulda company was founded in 1900 in Germany by two businessmen, Gustav Becker and Moritz Hasenclever. It first began manufacturing tires for non-motorized vehicles like prams and horse-drawn carriages. In 1906 the company started making tires for bicycles and motorized vehicles, including cars and motorcycles. In 1910 Fulda expanded their range of tires, including ten different bicycle tires for various uses, and the famous Fulda Diadem model quickly became the most sold bicycle tire.

After World War 1, the company entirely shifted away from technical rubber products to produce what they do best – making quality tires. Later in the 1920s, Fulda made a big step forward in making truck tires and had the world's first 'constant pressure' truck tire. In 1929, they made a jump from solid rubber tires to inflatable pneumatic tires. Within a short time, Fulda's production consisted solely of pneumatic tires. The 1930s was a decade when the brand started producing tires for the luxury car market, and in 1933 presented a white sidewall tire designed for high-end passenger cars at the Berlin Motor Show. During the Second World War, Fulda's factories were destroyed by air raids, and the production of tires was paused. In the post-war years, however, the plants reopened, marking the period of rebuilding, and returned to the production of industrial rubber goods, rubber tires, and tubes. The brand's innovation continued in the 1950s when Fulda released its first winter tire with an M+S rating and launched the first tubeless tire for passenger cars. In 1960, Fulda launched a Fulda Diadem passenger car tire with lower aspect ratios and rounded shoulders. Six years after that, the company joined the Goodyear family. As the decade progressed, Fulda became the only tire manufacturer that equipped the iconic Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman, with the 10-ton armored version requiring special tires. In 1969, Fulda launched the Fulda Spectral, the first fiberglass-belted tire. At the beginning of the 1970s, the company designed the first steel-belted passenger car tire, the Rasant, followed by the Kristall Winter tire, Fulda's first non-studded radial steel winter tire. In 1978, Fulda launched the Y2000, their first high-performance, low aspect ratio tire, after which it quickly became a market leader for the tires of this type. The 1980s was an era when Fulda first introduced truck tires. First, it develops the Fulda Snow Truck and later launches its first off-road tire, the Campo 4x4. In the same decade, Fulda adopted a new corporate identity, using the tagline "Schwarz. Breit. Stark.", translated as "Black. Wide. Strong." Throughout the 90s, Fulda's manufacturing team came up with more innovations. The tires the brand released featured Y3000 high-performance directional car tire, the Kristal 3000 high-performance winter tire, and the Carat Extremo ultra-high-performance sports car tire. With a strong emphasis on road safety, the brand introduced Lasercheck. This unique laser tool allowed drivers to check the depths of their tire dreads in seconds. In the early 2000s, the high-performance Carat Attiro sports car summer tire won Best in Test from the German ADAC automobile association. A few years later, Carat Exelero ultra-high-performance tire became the first in the industry to be tested by the German independent TÜV institute for its product quality. It also used to equip a Fulda Maybach Exelero, a concept coupe based on the Maybach SW38 with more than 700 brake horsepower and a top speed of over 215 mph. In 2005, the company launched a high-performance SUV tire, the Fulda 4x4 Road, followed by a Carat Progresso high-performance summer tire and Kristal 4x4 winter tire for off-road and SUV use a year later. 2007 was the year when Fulda introduced the Fulda EcoControl, emphasizing fuel economy and longer mileage. In 2009 it introduced the Kristal Montero 3 with Snow Catcher technology. In the past years, Fulda has been testing their winter tires in the toughest environmental conditions. Canada turned out to be a perfect candidate for that role. The Kristal Control HP high-performance winter tire was one of the styles that got tested in the Canadian territory of Yukon. In 2011 the company hosted the coldest ever tire launch, introducing the SportControl style and testing it in -45C temperature. For the 12th edition of the Fulda Challenge in 2012, the company featured EcoControl HP, an environmentally friendly summer tire optimized for rolling resistance.

Today, Fulda is a successful tire manufacturer with a complete range of high quality and affordable tires for passenger cars, 4x4 vehicles, light trucks, and farm vehicles. It has a workforce of 1800 people producing up to 8 million tires a year and distributing them to different countries across Europe and the United States. It is one of the most popular tire brands amongst European and German drivers, whose driving conditions range from hot summers to harsh winters. The company successfully preserved its core values, which are providing high-quality tires with great value, and hopes to achieve the same heights it had achieved in Europe.

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