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Goodyear G670 RV ULT Tires



Goodyear G670 RV ULT
Goodyear Goodyear Tires
Goodyear Tires

The Goodyear G670 RV ULT has anti-oxidants and anti-oxidant compounds that makes it weather proof and resistant to cracking or damage. These rubber compounds also provide excellent traction and make the tire extra-durable. This also has improved wet traction due to its circumferential grooves. The sipes and notches on the other hand, provide great dry traction. This also offers comfort on travels with its High-technology belt system. The tread pattern and style of this tire makes it efficient, durable and has reduced road noise and jiggle. The Goodyear G670 RV ULT is also sporting a fuel-efficient casing for improved fuel costs.

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