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Grenlander L-Zeal 56 Tires



Grenlander L-Zeal 56
Grenlander Grenlander Tires
Grenlander Tires

The Grenlander L-Zeal 56 tire is an economical high performance all-season tire for great traction and handling on twisty country roads or in stop and go traffic in the city. This tire has wide circumferential grooves to evacuate water from under the tread to reduce the chance of hydroplaning. For grip on colder roads, and light snow, there are extra grooves in the circumferential tread ribs that provide more biting edges. The Grenlander L-Zeal 56 tire provides excellent responsiveness to steering input under sport driving conditions thanks to the extra rubber in the sidewall to make the tire more rigid for the sporty feel you need at higher speeds.

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