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Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR (T Rated) Tires



Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR (T Rated)
Mastercraft Mastercraft Tires
Mastercraft Tires

The Mastercraft Avenger Touring LSR tire is an all-season touring performance tire made for trucks and SUVs. The MasterCraft Avenger Touring LSR (T Rated) is  M+S rated and  features a coupled silica tread compound – a chemically mixed silica and carbon black compound that is responsible for excellent traction and grip in wet driving conditions. This is possible without sacrificing treadwear of the tire. There is also an improved polymer matrix that helps the compound to remain flexible at cold temperatures. This also contributes to lower rolling resistance of the tire. In addition, this tire features the Mastercraft’s innovative 4-rib all-season tread design. This gives outstanding stability, treads wear and traction.

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