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Prostar Tires

Prostar tires have experienced tremendous growth since 2000, when they opened their tire factory in China.  They are now a truly global supplier, with a U.S. subsidiary called LGL Industries.  In addition to doing sales support and distribution, LGL provides direct feedback to the factory about the North American market, so they can build tires specifically for our roads, diverse climate, and industrial applications. Over the last 16 years, Prostar has invested heavily in product development and production techniques, to ensure good quality tires at the most affordable prices possible. Prostar specializes in the manufacturer of the following types of tires:

      Radial trailer tires

      Bias-ply trailer tires

      Skid-steer tires

      Agriculture / Farm tires

      Industrial tractor tires

Prostar trailer tires, and their assortment of industrial/farm tires are a savvy buy for any trailer owner or business operator.  They stand up to harsh conditions because they use only the strongest rubber compounds and materials in the casing of the tire to resist cuts and damage, and to withstand heavy loads.

If you are in the market for tires that are durable, and have low prices, look no further than Prostar tires on Tires-Easy.  We have many Prostar tire models available for quick and accurate shipping today!

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