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Roadlux Tires

Roadlux Tires

Roadlux tires are manufactured in one of the newest and most modern tire production plants in China. It only makes tires with all steel belts and radial construction. The technologically advanced machines that are used to manufacture the tires are imported from Germany, Holland, and Japan and are the highest quality tire building equipment, and extremely efficient. Efficient production is what helps keep the tire products very affordable for commercial fleets and owner operators. Here are the main Roadlux tires available on

  • Roadlux R116 tire - long haul steer tire.

  • Roadlux R516 tire - closed shoulder drive tire for long haul and regional operators.

  • Roadlux R302 tire - tough on/off road mixed duty open shoulder drive tire.

  • Roadlux R118 tire - durable regional steer tire resistant to tread-wear due to frequent turning and braking in urban P&D.

  • Roadlux R211 tire - tough service all-position tire intended for spread axle applications.

  • Roadlux R509 tire - affordable regional tire with open shoulder tread pattern for long mileage and superior traction.

Roadlux commercial truck tires are now exported around the world. In North America the brand has earned a reputation for long mileage, and reliability at very competitive low prices for large fleets and owner operators alike.

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