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Sunny Tires

Sunny Tires

Since 1988, the China Tire & Rubber Co. has been making Sunny Tires.  They are one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, as they produce over 48 million tires a year in three plants. The Sunny Tire brand, and other brands manufactured by China Tire & Rubber are distributed to more than 120 countries around the world. Sunny tires are priced affordably, and are available in many different styles in the following categories:

·         Ultra-high performance tires

·         Light truck tires

·         Winter / snow tires

·         Passenger car tires

·         SUV tires

·         Crossover tires

Sunny Tires go through rigorous testing and quality assurance programs, so you know you can depend on the quality of the tires you purchase. Also, during their 25+ years of tire building experience, they have invested in new technology and design. This commitment to R&D has lead to over 26 different kinds of patented tire technology.  Most tires in the Sunny line-up benefit from one or more of these advances. Here are a couple of examples of our best selling Sunny brand tires: 

Sunny High Performance Tires

The Sunny SN3800 is an excellent ultra-high performance tire that complements the performance of any vehicle, including BMWs, Audi’s and other luxury German marques. These Sunny high performance tires are known for their stability, responsiveness, and handling. Features of the SN3800 include a computer optimized tread pattern to reduce the noise generated by the tire at high speeds. For handling, the SN3800 has an extra belt made of Mylar that prevents the tire from expanding at high speed, which can lead to distortion of the contact patch, and impact the amount of grip during high speed maneuvers. 

Sunny Winter Tires

Another great tire that is offered by Sunny is their SN290C snow tire. Made with an extremely unique tread design in the shape of an arrow, these Sunny snow tires have a main center rib and sipes that provide the traction needed on snow covered roads,  but also enhance steering and responsiveness on dry and wet surfaces. The grooves are deeper and wider than you find on the typical all-season tire, so they are effective at channeling away slush and water from under the tire. These tires are available in a wide range of tires for all vehicle types, at a very affordable price that suits even the most budget conscious.

With Sunny Tires you are buying high tech, high quality and high performance all at a great price. So go ahead and check out all of the Sunny tires for sale here at Tires-Easy!

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